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Nový způsob zpracování organických (chemických) odpadů

Nový způsob zpracování organických (chemických) odpadů

PopisInnovative treatment of chemical organic wastes
POD Reference 13 IL 80ER 3SLH

An Israeli SME offers a new technological process to treat & recycle organic wastes from chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery and any other industry using chemical processes. Advantages include minimal energy consumption, compliance with the most stringent regulations in the world and ability of on-line treating the organic waste products as they are formed (concerning place, time & concentration). Looking for technical and financial cooperation, which would implement the offered technology.

Due to very high temperature levels, plasma application technologies appear extremely effective in solving the global problem of environment conservation (treatment of toxic and hazardous waste products of chemical and other industries), thus eliminating special packaging, handling equipment and storage areas for waste products.
An Israeli company is offering a plasma-technology-based processing system to convert hazardous chemical waste products, via their neutralising, into those that can either be reused or disposed off safely without creating a threat to the environment. The offered processing system can be either permanently or temporarily attached to a process line in a chemical production facility for on-line treatment of the waste products as they are formed.
The system consists of feeding part, plasma reactor with plasma torch, quench system, main adsorption system and final adsorption system. Waste treatment process is continuous. The wastes, liable to processing (liquid, slurry or gaseous), are injected into the high temperature plasma stream of 3000 - 3500 °C.
In this case the following processes are undergone: destruction of practically all thermo-stable components of the waste, gasification of organic compositions to carbon dioxide CO2 and water H2O, formation of halogen acids. The formed products are then exposed to rapid cooling (quenching), go to a specific gas cleaning system, where the decomposition products are separated into liquid and gas phases. The acids´ solutions can be used as a separate commercial product. The outcoming gas, containing no halogen organic components, is disposed to the ambient.
The treatment system gives unique solutions for methylene chloride CH2Cl2 (L), methyl chloride CH3Cl (g), methyl bromide CH3Br (g), isopropylamine C3H7NH2 (g), heavy wastes of pesticides & herbicides manufacture (slurry) and more. The above heavies are molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, fluorine, chlorine, nitrogen and oxygen. Xylene and Toluene are solvents.
Experimental results made by independent laboratory (stack gas analysis) show that the resulting gas contains xylene, toluene & other organic compounds in the concentrations acceptable by International Environmental Standard.
Fractional conversion of these organic components is 99.9%.
End users are chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery and any other industry producing chemical toxic and hazardous wastes.

Current and Potential Domain of Application: Chemical, pharmaceutical, refinery & any other industry using chemical processes resulting with toxic/hazardous wastes and wishing to treat them environmentally friendly.

Advantages and Innovations
A new specially developed plasma-based technological process. This allows:

1.On-line treatment of the organic wastes at their formation:
a)place (elimination of storage areas for waste products),
c)concentrations (no air dilution is needed).
2.Environmentally friendly system, with neglectable quantities of greenhouse gases
4.Compliance with the most stringent regulations in the world
5.Minimal energy consumption.
6.Energy recovery in the process.
7.Elimination of special packaging & handling equipment
8.Treatment of heavy fractions from oil refinery process with no need for land filing.

Stage of Development Already on the market

Type of partner sought: Industry, engineering, commercial companies. Specific area of activity of the partner: Chemical, pharmaceutical & other industry producing toxic/hazardous wastes
Task to be performed by the partner sought: Production facilities for further unlimited implementation of the technology offered, adaptation of the developed technology to new markets and application of it to new market needs.

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