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Dodavatel keramických tepelných výměníků pro modulární elektrárny na biomasu

Dodavatel keramických tepelných výměníků pro modulární elektrárny na biomasu

PopisItalská společnost hledá partnery pro vývoj/implementaci keramického tepelného výměníku pro malou elektrárnu na biomasu.

Modular containerized biomass power plant: ceramic heat exchangers needed
POD Reference: TRIT20131211001
Looking for a useful way to waste manure, wood chips, pruning of forest and fruit trees in small villages, farm or factories, Italian company implemented new technologies. A small 100kWe turbine and a 500kWt burner will be both containerized to form a plug&play system. It could be implemented with a cogeneration system to obtain maximum energetic result. The company seeks for a technological partner able to produce ceramic heat exchangers.
The company is looking for partners able to develop a gas-to-air heat exchanger for their plants.
The projected micro gas turbine works with compressed air @ 600°C (5bar)
The H.E. is a fume-air kind, it must work @ 600°C (air side) and in a range 600-1100°C fume side.
It must have a cleaning system for the fume side.
This modular containerized biomass power plant can be delivered easily all around the world.
The technologies behind are ready to be implemented. The system can burn most of commons raw biomass, also with an high humidity grade. The cost effort can be easy.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Technical specifications: heat exchanger working on exhaust gas from biomass combustion. It is really important taking into account the fact that exhaust gas is dirty. The exhaust gas is at 950°C @ almost atm pressure and 0,35 kg/s. The heat exchanger has to heat a flow of air (preheated in the compressor at 176 °C ) @ pressure 388 kPa and flow rate 1.083 kg/s at the themperature of 750 or at least at 650 °C. These conditions could be achieved, the dry gas will be the design challenge. Temperatures and pressures are not an issue in achieving. They need to build and test a prototype to confirm the capacity and design a self-cleaning system.
Stage of Development: Concept stage
Comments Regarding Stage of Development:
They have already tested a 15kWe / 350kWth containerized plant (32ft container). They have found all the technologies required for the plant implementation (burner, turbine, heat exchanger, PLC control system). They are noe starting to draw the executive drafts.
IPR status: Secret Know-how

Type of partner sought: the partner (industry or academic centre) is supposed to be experienced with renewable power plant and cogeneration system. It has to be active in the development and manufacture of innovative solutions related to biomass power plants.

Task to be performed by the partner sought: providing of ceramic heat exchangers.

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