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Strategic approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment

Strategic approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment

There are currently more than 3000 active pharmaceutical ingredients on the European market. The wide use of pharmaceuticals in human and veterinary medicines, including antimicrobial agents, has increased their concentrations in many environmental reservoirs such as soils, sediments and waterbodies in the past 20 years.

The largest source of pharmaceuticals entering the environment is their use and disposal. There is sufficient evidence that action should be taken to reduce the risk from pharmaceuticals in the environment.

According to Article 8c of Directive 2013/39, the Commission was obliged to develop a strategic approach to pollution of water by pharmaceutical substances by 13 September 2015 and to propose measures by 14 September 2017. The draft resolution welcomes the strategic approach presented by the Commission on 11 March 2019 but notes with concern the very soft nature of the measures included in the communication.

ENVI members will debate the draft resolution and will adopt the accompanying oral question on 2 December.
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