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Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

Pokračování článku 20 of the Weirdest and Wonderful Creatures In The Ocean

2. Pink See-Through Fantasia

2. Pink See-Through Fantasia

The pink see-through fantasia is bizarrely a type of sea cucumber. It is found in the deep sea, in many different places around the world. It is one of the more recent discoveries on our list as it was found back in 2018.

They tend to stay in the water columns rather than on the surface of the sea floor. They are deep sea creatures at the lowest depth possible but they can travel up to 3300 feet for purposes of feeding.

They measure between 4.3 inches to 9.8 inches in total, with the smaller end of the scale being more brightly colored pink.

They are very distinctive creatures and as of yet, not much is known about them.

These mysterious sea cucumbers feed by using their tentacles to push food into their mouths. The food they eat is usually 'benthic sediment' found on the seafloor.

This is made of the organisms, along with dirt and debris in the benthic surface of water. They feed for a very short amount of time and seem to only stay on the seafloor for around one minute.

This seems to be ample enough time to feed adequately though. The benthic level is around 13,000 feet under the sea, making these lower sea dwellers quite a difficult creature to spot.

3. Christmas Tree Worm

These festive fellas are a type of marine worm that resides on coral reefs all over the world. That being said, they are most common in the Indo-Pacific ocean as well as in the Caribbean.

These little worms are called so because of their appearance. They literally look like tiny little Christmas trees, in all different colors. However, their true names are Spirobranchus giganteus.

Their bodies are tube shaped and they have appendages on them that act as their breathing system as well as catching their snacks.

They are very small, measuring only around 1.5 inches in length.

3. Christmas Tree Worm

They do not move very much as they are sedentary. It is thought that when they find a place they like they stay there, burrowing down into the coral to hide from predators.

Their diet consists of phytoplankton or other microscopic plants that can be found floating freely in the water. Because they inhabit coral reefs, they are often seen and photographed by divers because of their unique eye catching appearance.

Source: https://addhelium.com/weirdest-creatures-in-the-ocean/

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