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Mbishi Materials mulls copper output from waste

Mbishi Materials mulls copper output from waste
Pouze Anglicky
TOKYO - Mitsubishi Materials Corp said yesterday it is considering building a new line capable of disposing of 7,000 tonnes of waste per month to produce copper at its Naoshima smelter/refinery in western Japan. If it goes ahead with the plan, subject to approval by the local government in Kagawa prefecture, the Naoshima smelter is expected to become one of the most cost-competitive smelters in the world by using waste as a raw material for copper production, a company spokesman said. Capital spending for the new facility to dispose of waste such as shredder dust is estimated at five billion yen ($40.13 million). The spokesman declined to give further details. The production capacity of refined copper in Naoshima is about 220,000 tonnes a year at present, he said. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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