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Scottish to build 100 megawatt wind farm

Scottish to build 100 megawatt wind farm
LONDON - Scottish and Southern Energy said yesterday it is planning to build a 100 megawatt wind farm in southern Scotland which will involve an investment of 60 million pounds ($85.98 million).
The site, east of the town of Girvan, will have between 50 and 70 turbines which the company says will be largely obsured by the surrounding hills. Wind farms often face planning problems because local people object to their visual impact on the landscape. The project will be able to power 60,000 homes with green energy and is part of Scottish and Southern\'s plans to invest 450 million pounds in renewable energy. Britain generates only about three percent of its power from green sources but the government wants to raise this to 10 percent by 2010 to cut greenhouse gas emissions which many scientists say are a major cause of global warming. From next year, electricity suppliers will be obliged to buy three percent of their power from renewable sources. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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