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EU proposes curbs on toxic chemicals by 2003

Chemické látky
EU proposes curbs on toxic chemicals by 2003
BRUSSELS - The European Commission approved plans this week to restrict by 2003 the public use of 43 chemicals which are believed to cause cancer, damage reproduction or pose a danger to human genes.
The substances in question are used in special paints, printing inks, varnishes and adhesives, the EU\'s executive Commission said in a statement. \"The Commission proposes that their sale to consumers be banned starting from April 1, 2003. Most producers have already stopped selling these substances...to consumers,\" the statement said. \"On the other hand, these chemicals would continue to be available for professional users who are able to ensure their safe use,\" it added. Since 1994, the European Union has imposed restrictions on substances considered to be dangerous to public health. On several occasions it has proposed adding further chemicals to the EU\'s blacklist as scientific evidence emerges. European researchers are concerned that chemicals with the same properties as natural hormones - known as hormone disruptors - may be causing an increase in testicular cancer, falling sperm counts and abnormalities in male sex organs. These gender-bending chemicals are compounds used in paints, pesticides and detergents. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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