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Euro-socialists urge \"sustainability action\"

Euro-socialists urge \ sustainability action\
Swedish prime minister Göran Persson and other senior figures from Europe\'s political centre-left yesterday outlined a position on sustainable development issues ahead of this autumn\'s world sustainability summit. Backers of the statement - which has still to be released in final form - include EU environment minister Margot Wallström, who is a Swedish social democrat. Others are French housing minister Marie-Noëlle Lienemann and Dutch environment minister Jan Pronk, who is also acting as a special UN envoy in preparations for the Johannesburg summit (ED 05/11/01). At a press conference in Brussels, Mr Persson and others urged all EU leaders to promote action not words on sustainability at next week\'s Barcelona summit. Europe should play a \"leading role\" in making the environmental dimension \"a driving force for economic development\", he added. Zdroj: ENDS
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