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German MVV seeks Europe-wide renewables expansion

German MVV seeks Europe-wide renewables expansion
FRANKFURT - German utility MVV said yesterday it would regroup its renewable energy divisions as a separate entity this year in a bid to expand across Europe.
\"MVV this year will pull together its renewables activities in a new business unit,\" board member Werner Dub was quoted as saying in a statement from Germany\'s only listed municipal utility. \"Within a few years, MVV will take its place among the most important European renewable energy companies.\" MVV, which has become Germany\'s fifth largest power supplier, would start the construction of four biomass plants over the next few months, said the statement, which was issued during the Hanover engineering trade fair. It has previously said these would be timber-based and located in Hanover, Mannheim, near Wiesbaden and near Berlin In wind energy, MVV together with its partner firm DeWind in Luebeck had wind park projects of several hundred megawatt capacity in the pipeline, the statement said. Apart from Germany, the wind parks would be built in Ireland, Spain, France and Poland. In solar energy, MVV together with U.S. partner firm Energy Photovoltaics Inc. (EPV) would decide on the site for a solar module production facility in southern or eastern Germany within the first half of 2002. MVV told Reuters in January the share of renewables in its total annual turnover of 1.2 billion euros should amount to 10-15 percent from less than five percent now by 2004-2005. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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