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Chinese aluminium recycling seen rising sharply

Chinese aluminium recycling seen rising sharply
SAO PAULO - Chinese aluminum scrap recycling is comparatively low at 32 percent, but set to rise rapidly to 70 percent, Peikai Song, Vice President of Aluminium Corporation of China said last week.
In a paper prepared for an international aluminium conference in Sao Paulo, Song said that \"vast vistas\" were opening up. \"The aluminium industry of China is at a speedy developing stage, the attention of the government, enterprise, public is thoroughly aroused as to the importance of aluminium recycling,\" Song said in the paper. Song added that the development of Chinese aluminium scrap recycling will bring investment and trading opportunities for foreign companies. Chinese aluminium recycling totaled 918,000 tonnes in 2001, compared with 536,000 tonnes in 1998 - the first year for which Song presented data. Chinese primary aluminium output totaled 3.43 million tonnes in 2001, up from 2.42 million in 1998, while consumption rose to 3.65 million tonnes from 2.42 million over the same period. Jurg Gerber, Chairman of the International Aluminium Institute\'s global aluminium recycling committee described China\'s potential as \"huge.\" He added that global aluminium inventory, estimated at between 300 million and 500 million tonnes, was rising by 21 million tonnes a year. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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