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Nové publikace - Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit

Nové publikace - Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit
Dear Colleague I am pleased to announce the publication of version 2 of the Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit.. The URL is www.esdtoolkit.org. Version 2 has several new components including a section on managing change, links to WWW resources related to sustainability, and seven new exercises. The ESD Toolkit is an easy-to-use manual for beginning the process of combining education and sustainability. The ESD Toolkit now has eight major components: (1) An introduction to sustainability. (2) A description of the major thrusts and components of education for sustainable development and a process to begin reorienting formal education to address sustainability. (3) A discussion of 12 major issues that have slowed the progress of ESD. (4) A case study of the Toronto Board of Education\'s community consultation and subsequent curriculum revision that indirectly addressed ESD as a result of the citizens\' vision and desires. (5) A description of management techniques for initiating change in schools. (6) A brief description of public participation methods for including the citizenry in community decisions regarding sustainability and ESD. (7) Exercises to help schools and communities to understand sustainability, create sustainability goals, reorient the curriculum to address sustainability, and initiate change within an educational system. (8) Links to other Web sites on sustainability, education for sustainability, historic United Nations Documents, and communities that have developed sustainability plans The ESD Toolkit will help schools and communities develop a process to create locally relevant and culturally appropriate education. The Toolkit is based on the idea that communities and educational systems need to dovetail their sustainability efforts. Ideally, local educational systems can reorient existing curriculums to reinforce local sustainability goals. I sincerely hope Version 2 the ESD Toolkit helps educators, schools, institutions, or communities, take the first steps toward creating education for sustainable development programs. I would appreciate it if you would pass this announcement on to your friends and colleagues who are interested in sustainability. Sincerely, Rosalyn McKeown _______________________________________ Dr. Rosalyn McKeown, Director Center for Geography and Environmental Education 311 Conference Center Bldg. University of Tennessee Knoxville TN 37996-4134 telephone (865) 974-1880 fax (865) 974-1838 email mckeowni@utk.edu
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