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New German govt sticks to can recycling law - source

New German govt sticks to can recycling law - source
BERLIN - The new German government committed itself at coalition talks to seeking to introduce deposits on non-refillable cans and bottles next year, a source at the talks told Reuters.
The commitment was made despite the promotion of Wolfgang Clement, an opponent of the new regulation, to a new post, dubbed the \"superminister\", with responsibility for economic and labour affairs. The German government plans to introduce a deposit of 25 cents for small containers and 50 cents for cans and bottles larger than 1.5 litres from January 1. Deposits are returned when the bottles and cans are disposed of in special recycling machines. Clement, the former premier of Germany\'s most populous state North Rhine-Westphalia, had voiced his opposition to the plan, yet a source at the talks told Reuters he had supported a coalition deal to stick to the January 1 objective. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder\'s Social Democrats and his junior partners the Greens won a narrow majority in last month\'s election and hope to finalise a coalition agreement this week. North Rhine-Westphalia is meanwhile seeking a supreme court ruling after 35 retail groups and drinks producers persuaded a court in the state to block the directive. The government\'s plans and previous German courts\' support for the directive have boosted shares in Norway\'s Tomra Systems Inc , which makes recycling machines. Retailers and beverage manufacturers have long opposed the measure but the government says it is necessary because the percentage of cans and bottles being re-used - typically after being returned to the retailer - has fallen below a 72 percent minimum target set in 1997. REUTERS NEWS SERVICE
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