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Tendr - Water supply

Tendr - Water supply
Turkey Water supply Stav tendru: vypsaný tendr Banka: Evropská investiční banka Datum uzávěrky: 10.12.2002 Klíčová slova: čerpací stanice , rozvod vody Popis: EIB - Water supply (TR-Tarsus) 2002/S 204-160558 TARSUS MUNICIPALITY WATER SUPPLY and STORM WATER PUMPING STATIONS SYSTEMS CONSTRUCTION (IMMEDIATE MEASURES) TENDER ANNOUNCEMENT Tarsus Municipality, represented by TASKI - Tarsus Su ve Kanalizasyon Isletmesi, invites all interested contractors to submit their bids for the intention of constructing Water Supply Systems and Storm Water Pumping Stations (Immediate Measures) within the scope of the \"Tarsus Sewerage Project\". The Works under the Tender are collected under four groups: - To construct Berdan pumping station and supply all necessary equipment with the capacity of 630 kVA; - To construct 994 m and DN 1200 transmission line; - Rehabilitation Works in the existing reservoirs, pumping stations and transmission lines; - To construct two Storm Water Pumping Stations and supply all necessary equipment with the capacity of 400 kVA each; - One month operation of constructed and rehabilitated facilities. The works will be awarded after international bidding. The duration of works will be sixteen (16) months of which fifteen (15) months is construction period and one (1) month is operation period. The proposed measures will be financed by a loan under the Euro Mediterranean partnership through the European Investment Bank (EIB), Luxembourg, and by Tarsus Municipalitys own funds. Tender is open to all companies which can demonstrate experience in the works indicated. The interested companies should be able to prove that their past experience, current resources, financial and technical capacity, etc., is sufficient and also should satisfy the \"Minimum Requirements for Contractor post-qualification\" for the construction of the above mentioned infrastructure development measures. Further details and the minimum requirements will be provided with the tender documents, which may be obtained from Tarsus Municipality against payment of a non-refundable fee of 2.000 Euro. The bids both in English and Turkish; must be delivered in a closed envelope to Tarsus Municipality (address below) latest by 10.12.2002, at 14:00 local time. Late delivery for any reason and any postal delays will not be accepted. The bids will be opened publicly on the same day at 14:00 respectively in presence of the Bidders representatives who choose to attend. APPLICATION ADDRESS Tarsus Municipality, Tarsus Belediyesi, Cengiz Topel Caddesi, Belediye Is Hani, 33410 Tarsus, TURKIYE. Tel.: 90 / 324 - 622 25 28. Fax: 90 / 324 - 613 24 56. publikováno: 21.10.2002
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