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Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, Monterrey,Mexico

Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, Monterrey,Mexico

Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project
Monterrey, Mexico


 Project Name
Monterrey Landfill LFGTE


The World Bank


The Monterrey Landfill is a modern facility that opened in 1991 and received approximately 8 million tons of waste over a 9-year period.  The completed fill area is approximately 110 acres.  This site was identified as a leading candidate for LFG energy recovery in a study sponsored by The World Bank.  As such, it is the recipient of a grant from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) aimed at promoting LFG energy projects in Mexico through successful demonstration at this site.  GEF’s other objective is the control of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the combustion of methane in the LFG and off setting fossil fuels that would otherwise be consumed by the utility.  The intent of this project is to install upwards of 6 mega watts of power capacity and use the generated electricity for municipal waterworks and street lighting.  A strategic partner to design, build, own, and operate the LFG collection system and power plant is being solicited through The World Bank procurement process.  SCS Engineers served as a consultant to the Bank during the LFG evaluation and strategic partner procurement processes.

SCS Engineers Services 

As a consultant to The World Bank, SCS provided quality assurance review services of the work performed by a Mexico City engineering firm.  These services included the analysis of projected LFG recovery and corresponding energy project sizing and economics.  SCS reviewed the LFG pump test design and implementation and provided technical support in the field during the pump test performance.  SCS then analyzed the results of the test and used these data to support assumptions made in the previous LFG generation modeling efforts.  

Following the investigation testing phase, SCS performed the following:

  • Reviewed and commented on project economics and performance assumptions

  • Prepared a conceptual LFG collection system design and associated construction cost estimates

  • Prepared an environmental management plan for the facility

  • Drafted pre-qualification documents for procuring a strategic partner

  • Met with the landfill owners and Bank staff to assisted in the development of the framework of the project including the division of project costs and revenues

  • Assisted in the development of The World Bank’s project concept and project appraisal documents

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