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GM food protesters invade Sainsbury\'s HQ

GM food protesters invade Sainsbury\ s HQ
LONDON - Greenpeace activists have invaded the headquarters of Sainsbury\'s in a protest over supermarket sales of milk from animals fed with genetically modified ingredients.

The action at the firm\'s central London offices this week was led by a Greenpeace member disguised as popular television chef Jamie Oliver, who has fronted Sainsbury\'s advertising campaigns for the past four years and who last week agreed a new deal with the retailer reported to be worth one million pounds.

Half a tonne of the company\'s own-brand milk was dumped outside the firm\'s offices.

\"The supermarket chain produces milk from cows fed on GM...the policy results in thousands of tonnes of GM feed being imported into Britain each year,\" a Greenpeace spokesman said.

Sainsbury\'s SBRY.L said in a statement: \"Customers can be assured that our milk does not contain GM materials and is sourced from the same farmers that supply other supermarkets.\"

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