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Co je to GEIXS?

Co je to GEIXS?
What is GEIXS?
  • Geixs is The European Geological Data Catalogue.
    It gives you a dataset description through:
    • the geographic coverage of the data
    • key words from lexicons
    • free text
Why use it?
  • For an single point access
  • Because geology crosses borders
  • To reduce language difficulties
Who is it for?
  • land use planners
  • minerals industries
  • civil engineering
  • waste disposal
  • energy sectors
  • water industries
  • environmental sectors
  • insurance and banking
  • pollution control
  • government infrastructural strategy
  • coastal flooding
  • global change
  • health studies (eg radon)
  • schools, colleges and universities
How to use GEIXS?
  • Geographic search allows the selection of geodata using both geographic and thematic criteria. It also possible to display the geographic data coverage. If you have a problem, please see the help page.
  • Thematic search allows you to search data using more extensive thematic criteria than are availaible within tyhe geographic search
Who has produced GEIXS?
  • Geixs is a Eurogeosurveys product (Eurogeosurveys: European union of National Geological Surveys ) and its development has been supported by the European Commission. Please, see partners page for more details.

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