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Pro-hunt protesters break into parliament

Pro-hunt protesters break into parliament
LONDON - At least five protesters opposed to a ban on fox hunting burst into the floor of parliament on Wednesday in an extraordinary breach of security.

The protesters, in white T-shirts, ran into the chamber to remonstrate with MPs on Wednesday, causing a debate on banning the ancient pursuit to be suspended.

The intrusion came just two days after a fathers' rights campaigner managed to evade police and scale a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Witnesses said five men raced into the House of Commons chamber, pursued by parliamentary security guards, and heckled the government minister leading the debate before being hauled away.

The debate resumed after about 10 minutes.

Security has been tightened at parliament, not only in response to a general increased threat of terrorism, but after a flour bomb attack on Prime Minister Tony Blair inside parliament four months ago.

Then, two men campaigning for divorced fathers' rights to see their children, hit Blair with purple powder missiles at a time when virtually the entire government was in the Commons to listen to him. The substance was harmless.

Thousands of protesters were camped outside parliament on Wednesday, demonstrating noisily against a likely vote by politicians to ban fox-hunting.

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