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Něco málo o odpadech z exotického Egypta

Něco málo o odpadech z exotického Egypta
Egypt - Solid Waste Management

Egyptians rate inadequate solid waste management as the top priority urban environmental issue. Sub-standard solid waste management (SWM) systems have serious impacts on public health and economic development. The open burning of solid waste contributes to air pollution and increased respiratory problems. Illegal dumping of trash in public areas attracts pests and vermin increasing the probability of vector borne diseases. The improper management of solid waste and its commingling with medical and hazardous wastes lead to serious health problems and lost workdays. In contrast, clean cities promote a healthier workforce, attract investment, and support tourism.

SWM services in Egypt have historically been provided directly by governorates. However, they have not been efficient or effective. The Prime Minister?s office has targeted nine governorates for SWM privatization with an emphasis on service improvement and cost control. National, municipal, and local laws and ordinances need to be harmonized, proper privatization procedures need to be followed and new support systems need to be established in the areas of contract management and monitoring, public awareness, citizen complaints, and legal and regulatory enforcement. Stakeholders need to be consulted early on in the harmonization process to ensure their concerns and issues are considered and given an opportunity to review and comment on the effort?s conclusions to ensure that they are practical and useful.

The Governorates need technical advice on the privatization process and the establishment of institutional systems to ensure that privatization results in more effective and sustainable SWM services for their citizens.

GreenCOM's activities in the field of solid waste management include design and installation of signage, production of public awareness and educational materials, and capacity building with various constituencies.

  • GreenCOM contracted with a local ad agency to develop public awareness materials for a solid waste management campaign featuring a cartoon sunflower girl character named Khadra. The message of the campaign was ?Cleanliness is Part of Faith,? and 265 signs were installed, including street signs and lighted lamp pole signs placed in high traffic areas in Cairo, Alexandria, Qalyoubia, and Hurghada governorates, underground metro billboards in Cairo; signs posted on buses in Cairo on heavy usage routes; and large billboards in high visibility locations in Cairo. In addition, 5000 school posters with tips on reducing, reusing, and recycling were placed in schools nationwide, and pocket and wallet-sized calendars and agendas distributed.
  • Working closely with Abt Associates, the technical assistance providers to the Alexandria solid waste management privatization project, GreenCOM developed a strategy for public awareness campaigns to prepare the citizens of Alexandria for the Integrated Solid Waste Management private contract being implemented by the French company Onyx.
  • A Solid Waste Management Learning Supplement was developed for secondary technical schools. Solid Waste Management Learning Supplements were distributed to all secondary technical schools in Egypt, 1640 supplements in all. Another 200 sets were distributed at teacher training workshops in Alexandria and the Red Sea. The workshops demonstrated effective use of the multi-media materials accompanying the supplement, including a CD-ROM, a video of industry success stories, overhead transparencies, hands-on classroom activities, and background papers. In addition to Alexandria and the Red Sea governorate, workshops were also held in Aswan, Sohag, Qena, Damietta, and Daqahliya governorates, with a total of 316 teachers from 107 schools attending.

More Information
**A major communication, outreach and education project that supports the USAID- funded Egyptian Environmental Policy Program (EEPP) returned to GreenCOM January 1, 2002 after spending a year under the administration of the Academy for Educational Development?s Energy and Environment Training Program (EETP). The Egyptian project began with GreenCOM in 1999 and the new contract extends through June of 2003.


EEPP Solid Waste Technical Assistance
1 page fact sheet, 2002. Solid Waste technical assistance in the Alexandria, Cairo, and Qualyoubiya Governorates.

ZDROJ: www.greencom.org

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