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Řecko:HERRCO - kampaň za recyklaci

Řecko:HERRCO - kampaň za recyklaci
Citizen Informative campaign Today, that recycling is a proof of a country's harmonic environmental policy, the citizens' participation is of major importance. In easy and practical ways, as well as with the right planning, packaging waste recycling and management can and must be turned into a daily habit. HERRCo has understood the significance of the citizens' contribution in the success of the CAMS - RECYCLING and therefore it is in contact with them in many and different ways. Besides, the importance of individual participation is proved by the success of respective programmes in the countries of the European Union, where citizens participate actively and consciously having made recycling an essential part of their daily routine. In this framework, HERRCo uses tools for the promotion of its programme, such as intelligent advertising campaigns, easily understood slogans, hand-outs, stickers, etc. One of the most progressive ways of promoting the CAMS - RECYCLING is the distribution - to the citizens of the region, where the recycling programme is implemented- of a special reusable bag of 35 litres accompanied by the appropriate informative material. The packaging that is part of the programme is: aluminium tins (beer, refreshments), glass bottles, plastic bottles (water, refreshments, detergents, foodstuffs), metal cans (milk or foodstuffs), the cardboards and the paper cartons of liquid products (juices and milk) and finally, the printed paper from newspapers, magazines and books. The citizens participating in the programme must store in this bag all the above mentioned packaging empty and clean. Then, they must empty the content in the blue recycling bins that have been placed in various selected points and keep the bag for the next use. Meanwhile, HERRCo co-organises with the Municipalities different events at big commercial points, such as the setting up of pavillions, the distribution of leaflets and small advertising gifts, with an aim to sensitize and educate the citizens in order to adopt and to promote recycling programmes that will upgrade their lives. For example, the company recently took part in the Spring Fair organised by the Greek Girl Guides at the Rematia of Chalandri. HERRCo participated in the event with games for all children, such as relay races, sack races, etc. The aim is to familiarise our little friends with the idea of Recycling through games, to educate them in the recyclable materials and to encourage the grown-ups to actively and consciously participate with an aim to upgrade the quality of our life. T-Shirts with HERRCo logo and the slogan "Nothing goes to waste" as well as leaflets, stickers and recycling bags were given to the little participants as souvenirs. In the same framework of the informative campaign, many schools from the Municipalities of Attica visit the RMSC of Amarousio and are being informed on HERRCo educational programme. The corporation considers the information of children at small age to be of major importance, since they will be tomorrow's sensitized and conscious citizens on recycling related issues. More specifically, since the beginning of 1995 and until this day of May 2004, more than 24.000 students, at the age of 7 - 18, coming from more than 230 schools of 40 Municipalities of Attica attended the educational informative programme. The students' visit includes a presentation of HERRCo activities with the use of audiovisual material, as well as a tour at the Centre. Already, during this period, the communicative campaign designed by HERRCo is developed in the town of Patra and includes outdoor advertising in the form of posters, insertions in the local press and in selected magazines, as well as the broadcasting of 4 humorous radio messages by the broadcasting stations of Patra in order to promote Recycling of packaging material and to integrate it in our daily routine. At the same time, during this same period, 2 means of transport (buses) will be entirely covered with messages for "recycling because nothing goes to waste"!!! The campaign for the information - sensitization of the citizens' of Patra will have duration of 4 months (May - August 2004) (phase a) and will be completed in the months of October - December 2004 (phase b). Finally, HERRCo aims at developing local information programmes for the Citizens of the region of the Athens Project (Marousi, Vrilissia, Melissia, Pefki, Philothei, Chalandri, Kifisia). The further aim is to promote packaging collection - recovery programmes and to motivate the citizens to participate in them - this factor is determinative for the long term success of the recycling programmes. Recycling is related to our life and health! Let's not leave any packaging go to waste... ZDROJ:www.herrco.gr
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