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EU Commission Targets Ireland and others on Environment

EU Commission Targets Ireland and others on Environment
BRUSSELS - Ireland, Portugal and Luxembourg drew fire from the European Union executive Commission on Tuesday for flouting EU environmental laws on issues from ozone layer protection to air pollution.

Ireland, which has had several run-ins with the Commission and EU courts this year over environmental issues, faced fines if it did not respect a ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on protection of the ozone layer, the Commission said.

Four other Irish cases about noise and environmental impact assessment were also being pursued, it said.

The Commission said it was taking Luxembourg to the ECJ for not properly treating urban wastewater.

The EU executive also sent a final written warning -- the last step before court action -- to the duchy of 465,000 people for breaches of EU rules on noise, public access to environmental information, impact assessments and car pollution.

The Commission is taking Portugal before the ECJ for not properly integrating parts of EU rules on environmental impact assessments into national law.

The Commission also sent Lisbon final written warnings for a slew of other issues including air pollution, waste water treatment and noise.

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