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EU Executive Shames States over Environmental Laws

EU Executive Shames States over Environmental Laws
BRUSSELS - The European Union's executive branch slammed France, Greece, Britain and Spain for breaches of EU environmental law on Friday and warned them to take action to comply with the bloc's rules.

The European Commission said it was taking legal action against France in 10 cases ranging from waste management to ozone protection. It was sending a final written warning -- the last stage before going before the EU's highest court -- to France for its failure to protect a bird species known as the bearded vulture.

Greece drew the Commission's wrath in eight cases involving issues like air pollution, waste and protection of the ozone layer. Britain also had eight instances involving breaches from waste water treatment to noise laws.

Lastly, Spain faced legal action for cases including a failure to protect birds and the ozone layer.

"I know that member states understand the need to address the concerns of their citizens; concerns that legislation must ensure a healthy environment and a high quality of life," said Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas in a statement.

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