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Světová banka - projekt rozvoje městkých vodovodních služeb - dodávky zákaznických měřičů vody

Světová banka - projekt rozvoje městkých vodovodních služeb - dodávky zákaznických měřičů vody
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vypsaný tendr  
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Světová banka  
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DB 663 
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T18 Nástroje a přístroje optické, fotografické, kinematografické, měřící, kontrolní, přesné, lékařské nebo chirurgické; hodiny a hodinky; hudební nástroje; jejich části, součásti a příslušenství

Country: Russian Federation
Financing: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Sector: Water Supply/Sanitation
Deadline: 28 October 2005

This notice appears in UN Development Business online only and not in the printed version. Although this notice is assigned to a specific print issue, the official publication date of this notice is considered the date that it is posted online (see below).

This invitation for bids follows the general procurement notice for this project published on 29 July 2005.

Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Syktyvkarskiy Vodocanal” of the Municipality “City of Syktyvkar” (purchaser) has received a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and a grant from the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Support Fund toward the cost of the Syktyvkar Municipal Water Services Development Project. The project is located near the city of Syktyvkar in the North of the Russian Federation.

Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Syktyvkarskiy Vodocanal” of the Municipality “City of Syktyvkar” now invites sealed bids from companies and contractors for the following contract to be funded from part of the loan proceeds:

Supply of leak detection equipment and training (Contract involves supply of the equipment and incidental services.)

The set of the equipment includes: an acoustic digital correlation meter of leaks, a pipe route location system, a pressure recorder, a digital diagnostic system, a personal computer, an acoustic system, a laser distance meter, a portable flow meter, low-frequency sensors.

Training means arranging and carrying out a training course for the purchaser’s personnel on operating and handling the equipment.

Procurement shall be limited to goods and services produced in or supplied from the countries of the contributors or the countries of operations of the EBRD. Upon proposal by the Fund Manager, the Assembly may determine whether there are special circumstances that would make it appropriate to authorize procurement from sources other than those above referred. Current contributors include the EU countries, Canada, Norway and Russia.

In order to be qualified for award bidders shall meet the following criteria as a minimum:
–In the case of a bidder offering to supply goods under the contract which the bidder does not manufacture or otherwise produce, the bidder has been duly authorized by the goods’ manufacturer or producer to supply the goods in the Purchaser’s country
–The bidder, including manufacturers of the goods and suppliers of the services, as appropriate, has the financial, technical and production capability and capacity necessary to fulfill the contract
–The bidder has satisfactorily supplied similar goods and services to other purchasers
–The bidder or agent will be able to carry out the supplier’s maintenance, repair and spare parts stocking obligations prescribed in these tender documents
–The bidder shall be I.S.O. 9001 or 14001 (or with equivalent quality management system certification) certified

Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of a grant from the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership Support Fund will be subject to the EBRD’s Procurement Policies and Rules and will be open to firms from any country. The proceeds of the grant will not be used for payments to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter or under a law of official regulation of the purchaser’s country.

Starting on 12 September 2005 the tender documents (in English, with Russian translation) may be obtained from the address below upon written request and payment of a non-refundable fee of € 300 (VAT inclusive) or its equivalent in a convertible currency, or in Russian Roubles (only for Russian bidders) at the exchange rate determined by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment.

The method of convertible currency payment will be direct bank transfer to:
–Beneficiary: ZAO “CIPPI Prospect”
–Account No.: 407 029 785 000 7400 0232
–Beneficiary Bank: Bank Rossiysky Kapital (Swift Code: ROSK RU MM)
–Account No. 0103080396
–Intermediary Bank: OST-West Handelsbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
(Swift Code: OWHB DE FF)
–Corresponding Bank: Bank of New York, NYC, NY (Swift: IRVTUS3N)

The method of payment in Russian Roubles will be direct bank transfer to:
–ZAO Prospect Bank account in the Bank Rossiysky Capital in Moscow
–Current account No. 407 028 104 000 700 00232
–Correspondent account No. 301 018 101 000 000 00266
–BIC 044525266
–INN 7729334004
–KPP 772901001

The documents may be picked up at the address below or sent by courier in electronic version on CD in pdf format (for text) and Excel format (for price schedules), at the recipients expense, to the address listed on the written request mentioned above. All tenders must be accompanied by a bid security of € 2,500 or its equivalent.

If requested, the documents will be promptly dispatched by airmail, but no liability can be accepted for loss or late delivery. Only parties that purchase the tender documents will be considered eligible to submit tenders.

The tender documents must be duly completed and delivered to the address below, at or before 1400 hours (Moscow time), on 28 October 2005, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the bidders who choose to attend. The tender documents should be submitted both in paper and electronic (CD) identical versions. All the price schedules should be fulfilled and saved in Microsoft Excel format. Documents received late will be rejected and returned unopened.

Interested firms may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at the following office.

The time period allocated to the interested parties to respond to this notice is governed by the initial date of publication on the EBRD Web site.

Contact: Office of the ZAO CPPI PROSPECT in Moscow .
Attn: Mr. Alexandr Vlasov, Ms. Yekaterina Uskova .
Nakhimovsky prospect, 51/21 .
Moscow 117418 Russian Federation.
Tel: (7-095) 333-6184, 120-4273, 334-2933 .
Fax: (7-095) 120-3205.
E-mail: mailbox@prospect.ru, katya@prospect.ru, avt@prospect.ru
Notice Number: EBRD71-663/05
UNDB Print Edition: Issue No. 663, 30 September 2005
Posted Online: 12 September 2005


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