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Havárie v čínské chemičce v Charbinu. Voda zamořena benzenem.

Chemické látky
Havárie v čínské chemičce v Charbinu. Voda zamořena benzenem.
According to the authorities in Harbin, the city water supply has been polluted by an explosion that occurred at a chemical plant in Jilin Province. Contaminated water entered the Harbin city water supply through the Songhua River. In order to clear dangerous chemicals from the city's water system, the water supply will be shut off from the evening of November 22 until November 26. It is still unclear as to what chemicals are involved, but official sources mention high levels of benzene. In the meantime, authorities recommend that people do not consume tap water in the city of Harbin. The Consulate will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed. Below is a brief description of the effects of benzene: Eating or drinking high levels of benzene can cause: Vomiting or irritation of the stomach. Dizziness, sleepiness, or convulsions. Rapid heart rate, coma, and death. Direct contact with the skin may cause redness and sores. It can also damage your eyes. Animal studies indicate that benzene may damage genes and may affect the ability to have healthy children. Benzene affects the circulatory system by increasing heart rate. Benzene affects the digestive system by causing vomiting or irritation of the stomach. Benzene also harms the immune system. This increases chances of infection and reduces the body's ability to fight off diseases. ZDROJ:http://shenyang.usconsulate.gov/acs/warden.html
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