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Interaktivní environmentální mapa Ruska

Interaktivní environmentální mapa Ruska
Published in Russia by the non-profit environmental organization Bellona-St. Petersburg, “Environment & Rights” magazine offers extensive, in-depth analysis and news on the Russian environmental situation, as well as related legislation and the legal ways to exercise a citizen's rights to a favourable environment.

Here you can find English summaries of the magazine's articles sorted by place and date (click on the region you are interested in on the map); sometimes the short summary will have a link to a full English text. Articles dedicated to politics, society, and legislation can be found here.. 

All questions concerning the magazine can be addressed to Rashid Alimov at rashid@bellona.no and Maria Kaminskaya at digkam@rol.ru


Environment & Rights—Ekologiya i Pravo—was founded in 2002 at the St. Petersburg, Russia, branch of the internationally renowned environmental organization Bellona based in Oslo, Norway. Aimed at highlighting both environmental problems in Russia and the many barriers set by the state to exercising a citizen's right to receive and spread environmentally significant information, the magazine’s seeds were sewn by the human rights crisis of the conviction of Grigory Pasko, a well-known journalist and whistle-blower, who was sentenced in 2001 to four years hard labour for an “intention” to hand sensitive information to Japanese media. But the case of Pasko–now the magazine’s editor-in-chief–has been just one outrageous example of human rights violations by Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, in a series of recent “spymania” attacks on Russian scientists, journalists and environmentalists. A flip side to these abuses is the deteriorating environment in a country, where the interests of the new capitalism and the state’s giant nuclear industry outbid those of the public and the population’s health. The magazine, which is published with grant funding and is distributed freely, is intended for specialists in ecology, ecological activists and all who wish to be in touch with the environment they live in and want to know how to realize their right to make it better.

ZDROJ: www.bellona.no

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