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Několik informací o JE Kozloduj v Bulharsku

Několik informací o JE Kozloduj v Bulharsku
Jaderná elektrára Kozloduj v Bulharsku vyvolává v sousedním Řecku obdobné reakce jako český Temelín v Rakousku. Zde je o ní pár informací z oficiálního webu elektrárny. History In 1966 an Agreement is signed between the governments of Bulgaria and Soviet Union for cooperation in the construction of a nuclear power plant. After a detailed feasibility study a site is chosen located at 4 km from the Danube river, 5 km west to the town of Kozloduy. Based on initial data prepared by Bulgarian research institutes, Toploproect – Moscow and Energoproect – Sofia develop the detailed design and technical working projects for the four nuclear units. The construction of Kozloduy NPP commences on April 6, 1970. In the construction activities participate over one hundred thousand workers. On the plant site several Bulgarian projects are implemented which are pioneer ones for the nuclear industry worldwide. Some of the technical solutions developed by Energoproekt-Sofia represent significant engineering achievements. The innovative approach gives possibility to significantly decrease the construction time of Kozloduy NPP in complete compliance with the construction regulations. The capacities on Kozloduy NPP site are commissioned at three stages. The first stage is completed with the construction of units 1 and 2 equipped with pressurized water reactors of 440 MW electrical capacity - WWER-440, model V-230. The units are put in commercial operation respectively in July 1974 and November 1975. In parallel with Units 1 and 2, in October 1973 a construction is started of another two units which represents the second stage of the capacities commissioning. Units 3 and 4 are put in commercial operation correspondingly in December 1980 and may 1982. The reactors installed are WWER-440, enhanced model V-230 with improved safety systems and stainless cladding of the reactor pressure vessels. The commissioning of Units 5 and 6 with reactors WWER-1000/V-320 (the third stage) is completed in September 1988 and December 1993. The new units are equipped with a reinforced concrete containment and systems for automation of the technological processes. The storage facility is constructed at the plant site for the spent nuclear fuel, as well as an interim storage for low and medium level radioactive waste. A processing plant was constructed for treatment of radioactive waste and a storage facility for the interim storage of the containers with the processed radwaste. ZDROJ: KZNPP
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