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Výstavba čistírny odpadních vod

Výstavba čistírny odpadních vod
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výzva k předkvalifikaci  
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jiná banka  
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Anotace tendru:

Turecká banka vydává výzvu k předkvalifikaci v rámci projektu čistírny odpadních vod. Předkvalifikační dokumenty musí být vyplněny a předány do 17. 8. 2007. Dokumenty musí být vypracovány v angličtině.

Popis tendru (Angličtina):

Wastewater treatment plant project prequalification invitation
Tender Date: 17.08.2007
Procedure: Pre-qualification
Loans: Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
Authority: İller Bank
Address: Iller Bank
Atatürk Bulvari No:21
Phone: 90 312 –508 77 09
Fax: 90 312 508 77 99
E-Mail: Sherdem@ilbank.gov.tr


The construction work of Armutlu(Yalova) wastewater treatment plant will be tendered according to the FIDIC (Federation of International Consultants and Engineers) Construction Works Specification. The eligible candidates are being invited hereby to the pre-qualification prior to bidding for the above-mentioned project. The project will be tendered as "Turnkey Bidding – Unit Price Method" among the bidders who will be found qualified after the evaluation of the pre-qualification. The project will be financed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development based on the loan agreement signed between the Republic of Turkey and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.

The project is planned to be implemented in 550 calendar days with an additional one year operating period. The tender is open to all local candidates and to all foreign candidates in joint venture with local companies, who fulfill the requirements mentioned in the pre-qualification document.

Contractors which have been assigned in connection with the consultancy services of the work that is the subject of the tender cannot participate in this tender. These restrictions are also valid for companies in which they have partnership and administrative relations, and for companies in which they own more than half of the capital.

Candidates must fulfill the requirements given below (details can be found in the Pre-Qualification Documents) for their application. It is obligatory to purchase the Pre-Qualification Specification from the General Directorate of İller Bank.

1) Bank Reference Letter in the amount of 1(one)million US Dollars, which shall be obtained from domestic or foreign banks and show applicant`s unused cash credit or unused letter of guarantee credit in banks, and declaration of Financial Status.

2) It is compulsory that the applicant`s year end balance sheet, which belongs to the year before the year of the tender or the necessary parts of it, in the absence of those, correspondent documents shall be submitted; and all documents have to be competent with the criteria mentioned in the Specification.

3) The applicants shall submit the income table showing their total turnover for the last three years or payment statements related to works same as the subject of the tender under their commitment, showing the amount of the work that the applicant has completed, or such similar documents. The average of the last three years has to be higher than 1.5(oneandahalf)million USD of the applicant for the total turnover and 1(one)million USD of him/her for the construction works. It is adequate for the applicants to meet one of these criteria.

4) Documents showing that the applicant is proceeding with his/her professional activities pertaining to the sector and documents showing that the applicant himself is authorized to bid.

5) The applicant must give the certificate showing his/her work experience pertaining to a work which is the subject of the tender or to a similar work, that is regarded as being without any fault by the Contracting Entity and which has been performed either in the public or private sector, in the country or abroad within the last fifteen years, and in which the applicant has realized at least 70 % of the relevant contract.

It is required that the applicant, in the form of work completion or work status, have realized a job according to the criteria given below:

As regards work experience, (Based on a single or two contracts) the applicant is required to have realized at least;

a) Based on a single contract Wastewater Treatment Plant with a total construction value of 1.5million US Dollars,

b) Based on a single contract Water Treatment Plant with a total construction value of 1.5million US Dollars,

6) Works to be accepted as similar works to the subject of this tender (have to be in one single or in two separate contracts) are as follows:

1. Construction of a wastewater treatment plant, or

2. Construction of water treatment plant.

7) The key staff specified in the tender dossier shall be within the body of the bidder.

Pre-qualification documents may be seen starting from the date of advertisement of the pre-qualification notice and it can be supplied from the same address by a fee of 500.-YTL.

The documents and annexes forming the pre-qualification application shall be submitted in Turkish and English languages. The documents in languages other than the specified ones, will be valid only with a notarized translation.

The pre-qualification documents shall be submitted to Iller Bank, General Directorate not later than 17th August 2007 12:00 pm. The applications will be opened by the tender commission in front of the applicants in the meeting room of the Sewerage Department on 17th August 2007 at 14:00 pm. After the evaluation of the pre-qualification documents by the commission, the invitation letter will be sent to bidders found eligible for preparation of their bids.

İller Bank
Atatürk Bulvarı No:21

Telephone: 90 312 –508 77 09

Fax: 90 312 508 77 99

Packets: 1
Document Price: YTL 500
Address for Documents: İller Bank


Kontaktní informace:
* Kontakt:
Pavel Talafús
odborný pracovník, specialista CzechTrade

Tel.: 420224907543
Fax: 420224913813
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