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Itálie: Lazio v odpadech nově

Itálie: Lazio v odpadech nově
The Lazio regional government has launched a new plan aimed at sorting out the region’s growing rubbish collection emergency. It is estimated that the volume of refuse increases by roughly 2 percent each year.

According to the new plan, from the beginning of next year only sorted refuse may be unloaded at the region’s rubbish dumps. Dangerous and toxic refuse and incinerator ashes must be dumped separately, in areas or dumps yet to be specified.

By the end of 2010 a new collection system is to be put in place, which will include door-to-door collection as well as use of traditional street bins, aimed at handling 50 percent of rubbish to be recycled.

Added to the 8 existing rubbish selection and treatment recycling plants, 4 or 5 new structures are to be built. These are to be situated as close as possible to existing rubbish dumps to reduce transport costs and emissions.

Recycling units for the production of quality composts will be placed in various locations throughout the region and cooperative networks set up to optimise all phases of rubbish reduction, recycling and re-utilisation.


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