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Hornické muzeum Tatabánya

Hornické muzeum Tatabánya
Víte, že v Maďarsku se těží uhlí? Pokud tomu nevěříte, navštivte hornické muzeum v Tatabányi. 

Open-air Mining Museum (Szabadtéri Bányászati Múzeum), Tatabánya

Furnished offices, miners' dwellings, an outdoor exhibition of machinery and a section of the mine open to the public serve as reminders of mining at Shaft No 15, the location where mining was last discontinued in this coal basin.

The main attractions of the outdoor industrial museum are the old mining complex and the machine mining equipment exhibited both inside and outside.

In a central location opposite the museum entrance visitors are greeted by a steel headframe of the type that was used in all the Tatabánya mining operations. The 286 metre vertical shaft provided ventilation for the mine. The FAK-160 mine ventilation unit which once provided a continuous supply of fresh air to the mine stands next to the headstock. The cages that formerly travelled up and down the vertical shaft were moved by an engine of dimensions and appearance still impressive today that is housed in the engine room behind the headstock.

The workshops were used to perform the minor repairs required during the day-to-day operation of the mine. Of those, the blacksmith's workshop is displayed with its original fixtures. The rest of the facilities (a water tower, a telephone exchange and a changing room and shower block) were just as much an integral part of the complex as the memorial in the park of the plant.

The exhibition in the former office building hosts displays about the exploration of the mines around Tatabánya and the minerals, formations, fossils found during coal mining, and specimens of mellite, a very rare mineral found at Csordakút.

There is also a plant manager's office with its original furnishings, as well as a mining engineer's office with a map table and the tools and instruments that were used in days gone by. The old briefing room, where jobs were allocated prior to descending to the mine, has a special atmosphere.

Also aiming to preserve miners' customs and traditions, the outdoor industrial exhibition shows the fixtures and fittings of the trades that were formerly part of the everyday life of the mining complex.

There is access for the disabled.

Can be visited upon prior arrangement.



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