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History of NIS - NAFTAGAS (Serbia)

History of NIS - NAFTAGAS (Serbia)


10.02.1949. NIS-Naftagas was founded as an enterprise engaging in oil and gas exploration and production pursuant to the Decision of Government of FPR Yugoslavia.
31.12.1991. The enterprise started to operate within the Public Enterprise Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS).
01.10.2005. NIS transforms to a Joint stock company engaging in exploration, production, processing, distribution and trade of oil and oil derivatives and exploration and production of natural gas, i.e. NIS a.d. Novi Sad.

Commencement of production
Gas production - 1952, Velika Greda, Južni Banat
Oil production - 1956, Jermenovci, Južni Banat
Geothermal energy - 1978
CO2 production - 1984, Bečej, "Linde Carbodioxid" Plant
LPG production - 2005, Elemir
Fruska Gora mineral water spring Jazak - 2005, Jazak Potable Water Plant

Production and works performed
Produced oil, gas, ground water and geothermal energy worth more than 10 billion USD
Drilled more than 2,150 wells, i.e. about 3.7 million meters
Operation of 800 oil wells and 110 gas wells, as well as 2 sour gas wells
Performed 70,000 km of 2D, and more than 700 km2 of 3D seismic explorations
Drilled 2800 water supply wells throughout the country
Drilled 80 hydrothermal wells, i.e. more than 100,000 m

Constructed projects
Main distribution networks in Serbia, Adorijan oil pipeline and gas distribution pipelines
Gathering systems and compressor stations, oil product storage facilities
Underground gas storage at Banatski Dvor
Gasification facilities in Serbia

Finds in the country
99 oil and gas fields, 56 of which are in operation
271 reservoirs, 139 of which are in operation

Foreign operations
Oil production in Angola based on a joint venture with TOTAL, ELF, AGIP and INA-Naftaplin
Placement of services, oilfield know-how services and equipment, geophysical exploration works and
          geological laboratories
Foreign operations in: Germany, Angola, Iran, Algeria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Australia, Bosnia and
          Herzegovina, Mexico, Macedonia, Kazakhstan...
Current projects in: Turkmenistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunis


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