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EMAS Certificate for the Construction Sites and Forestry Management of EGMASA (Andalusia-Spain)

EMAS Certificate for the Construction Sites and Forestry Management of EGMASA (Andalusia-Spain)
The richness of fauna, flora, landscapes and geologic milestones of Andalusia is not easy to measure. The Mediterranean mountain has to be seen to be appreciated and, as well, to be preserved. Preservation involves, among other things, public respect for the quality of the landscape. This is the spirit of the work undertaken by the forestry work of EGMASA, focused on winning environmental quality.

From 1995, with the creation of the "Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía", EGMASA took up the wide the field of conservation works associated with the natural environment and with the conservation of the ecosystems and public management in the Protected Areas.

In May 2001, the Natural Environment Section of EGMASA started the implementation of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard EN ISO 14001 in the forestry construction sites, with the following scope:

Restoration of the natural environment
Works on rural infrastructure
Construction of parks and gardens
Hydrology Works
In 2003, EGMAS made progress in its public commitment to the environment by registering the Department of Forestry Works towards EMAS.

In May 2004, the scope of the system was extended to the forestry management carried out in the Natural Environment Section of EGMASA, with the aim of adding value to these products, generating a unique feature in the community.

EGMASA has been making remarkable progress, by fulfilling the following targets:

Reduction of emissions, consumption of resources and the development of protocols for possible emergency situations caused during the use of light machinery in the Works Department
Reduction of the number of hydrocarbon spillages resulting from the use of light machinery
Carrying out of an environmental assessment of each work for the personnel technical in the Final Work Report
Reduction in the number of hydrocarbons spillages resulting from the use of heavy machinery
Reduction of the possibility of theft from and spillages in the hazardous storage
Reduction of emergency situations occurring in the year in relation to the total of works
Assessment of the environmental performance in the construction sites and forestry management of the Natural Environment Section of EGMASA
Decrease of the environmental indicator related to the diesel consumption in daily work in respect to the average during the last five years (saving in diesel consumption)

For further information, visit http://www.egmasa.es

source: http://ec.europa.eu/environment

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