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CO2 emissions from transport up in EU

CO2 emissions from transport up in EU

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Carbon dioxide emissions from transport continue to grow in the European Union, despite a slight reduction from overall sources, EU data released on Wednesday showed.

Emissions from road transport rose 0.7 percent in 2006 while overall emissions within the bloc fell 0.3 percent, the European Environment Agency said as it released its most recent detailed emissions data.

Emissions of greenhouse gases from international aviation and shipping activities continued to rise sharply in 2006.

"Transport-related emissions have been constantly increasing and are of particular concern," a statement from Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said.

Emissions from energy industries have stabilized in the last few years while those from manufacturing industries declined slightly.

The overall decrease in EU emissions stemmed mainly from lower consumption of gas and oil in households and services due to higher gas prices and warm weather, particularly in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Britain.

(Reporting by Pete Harrison; Editing by Dale Hudson)

source: REUTERS

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