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Krátce: Johannesburg - nakládání s odpady

Krátce: Johannesburg - nakládání s odpady
Safe Disposal (Condemned Waste)

Safe disposal (condemned waste)
PIKITUP attends to the safe disposal or destruction of condemned products such as foodstuffs, cosmetics, confidential documents, etc. The service includes the inspection of goods to be disposed of by the appropriate authorities, the transportation thereof and the issuing of a certificate of safe disposal, once destruction is completed.

Hazardous waste
Please contact EnviroServe Waste Management (Pty) Ltd if you have any queries regarding hazardous waste:
Telephone No (011) 456-5400
Fax No (011) 454-1580
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Pikitup has a temporary storage facility for hazardous waste situated at the Marlboro Depot, Ninth Street, operating hours 07h30-15h30 Monday to Friday. Members of the public are welcome to utilize this temporary storage facility to dispose of batteries, fluorescent tubes, and asbestos heaters, in limited quantities.

Please note that this is the only facility that is available through Pikitup. None of the Garden Sites are authorized to accept hazardous waste.

For further information please contact our Call Centre on (011) 712-5200
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New Technology Introduced in May, 2006

Bulk services
Pikitup took a strategic decision to discontinue its lift-on bulk services at the end of May, 2006, in favour of front-end loading technology. The latter is more cost effective and operationally more efficient.
New Waste Collection Technology:

Pikitup has launched several sustainable development initiatives in line with the global aims of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development. One of these initiatives is Pikitup’s composting plant, situated at the Panorama site in Roodepoort. The composting plant processes green waste into soil-enhancing compost, which is sold to either the agricultural sector or to city homeowners for use in suburban gardens.
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Lonehill Kerbside Recycling Initiative

E-Waste Recycling
E-Waste Recycling is available at Pikitup's Garden Sites. Staying abreast of world trends in waste management...
E-Waste Recycling

Oil Recycling
Oil may be deposited at the above Pikitup Garden Sites, in partnership with the...
ROSE Foundation
Special Waste

Special waste services
This type of waste consists of liquid, sludge or solid substances resulting from manufacturing processes, industrial treatment or pre-treatment for disposal purposes of any industrial or mining liquid waste, which may not be discharged into a drain or sewer. Bulky items or any other solid waste generated on your premises, that cannot be attended to through the normal waste collection services, fall within this category. PIKITUP will visit your premises and quote on the collection and disposal thereof.

Joburg Marathon

Special events
A comprehensive cleaning service can be provided to special event organisers. The cost for the service will be determined by the nature of the event, i.e. sporting events, exhibitions, trade fairs etcThe cost of the service will be determined by the nature of the event and will be agreed to before the event commences.

Waste Management Consultancy Service

Waste management consultancy service
This service is based on a "one stop" or integrated approach towards the management of a customers’ waste and in this regard cost effective tailor-made solutions are developed.

Health Care Risk Waste Collection

Medical Waste
Often referred to as "health care risk waste" is all refuse which is capable of causing infectious diseases and normally generated in the performance of the professional function of medical practitioner, dentists and veterinarians.

Medical waste is removed in 240 or 120 litre bins. Pikitup also has specially marked boxes in which health care risk waste is placed. The waste is taken to Pikitup’s incinerator once collected, weighed and incinerated according to standard operating procedure at a temperature of between 850 to over 1000 °C.

Operation of Incinerator
PIKITUP owns an incinerator that is permitted in terms of the Atmospheric Pollution Control Act of 1995. A full "health care risk waste" service can be provided which includes the collection and/or the disposal of such waste.

Delisted Waste

Delisted Waste
This is any typeof hazardous waste that can be analysed. Waste is sent to the Department of Waste and Water Affairs (DWAF) for analysis and approval after which it is brought to the landfill for disposal. A delisted cell is a specially prepared piece of land on the landfill site to handle delisted

Sweeping Technology

Special services (sweeping technology, etc)
These services are provided at special events upon request where mechanical sweepers are used.

Více informací o nakládání s odpady v Johanesburgu lze získat na:  http://www.joburg.org.za/content/view/2629/168/


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