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Srbské lázeňství

Srbské lázeňství

Serbia is ranking itself among the richest areas in the world for its natural healing factors, including some 350 so far known and examined springs of different curative mineral waters, as well as over 25 health with exceptional healing and ecological values.

Mineral waters are very diversified. Basically they properties and abundance depend from the geological composition of the area in which they are located. Springs in Serbia appear even in the regions which are over 500 m above sea level. That is exceptionally rare in the world. Springs can be categorized by their chemical composition and physical properties: acid, basic, neutral, cold, warm, hot, barely or highly mineralized, enriched with various chemical substances and oligo elements. Quite often, the springs are accompanied with the appearance of medicinal gases and mud, as a result of interaction of waters and soil in their surroundings.

Spas are located either in the valleys or on the hill slopes, they are almost always surrounded with forests, meadows and orchards.

Modern accommodation facilities, monuments, parks, sport fields and swimming pools make the spas both cultural and entertaining as well as sport and recreational centers. Every Spa is surrounded with untouched nature, well-kept surroundings, parks and footpaths. The number of climatic resort is not so big, but regarding their significance and potentials they are not lagging behind the spas. They are situated at the height from 450 to 1.500 above sea level and have the accessible relief configuration, with very diversified vegetation and with sub-Alpine climate, which is above all healthy and salutary for human organism. They are primarily suitable for relaxation, recovery, and treatment of some diseases and especially for athlete's preparations.

None of this location has any contraindications for human health, and that all of them are provided with personnel with rich experience in providing medical services not only for treatment but also for the recovery and relaxation of people. Beside medical centers on all locations is also available suitable accommodation facilities. This should be list with many good reasons why you should consider visit one of Spa locations in Serbia.

Bellow is a list of most popular Spa`s in Serbia. Don`t believe us about their quality medical services and accommodation, believe to their 200.000 to 300.000 thousand visitors each year.

visit   Niška Banja
visit   Banja Koviljača
visit   Gamzigradska Banja
visit   Vrnjačka Banja
visit   Sokobanja
visit   Ribarska Banja
visit   Prolom Banja
visit   Bukovička Banja


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