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Pozvánka na 13th Conference on Environment and Mineral Processing & Exhibition

Pozvánka na 13th Conference on Environment and Mineral Processing & Exhibition


Invites  you to the International Conference
13th Conference on Environment and Mineral Processing & Exhibition


4. 6. - 6. 6. 2009

International Scientific Commitee

Susana L. Arad – Technical University of Petrosani, Romania
Gordan Bedekovic – University of Zagreb, Croatia
Paolo Bevilacqua  – University of Trieste, Italy
Wieslaw S. Blaschke – Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow, Poland
Ana Maria Celeda  – Intemin, San Martín, Argentina
Vladimír Čablík – VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Peter Fečko  – VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Zhenqi Hu – China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), China
Andrzej Jarosiński – Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland
Viatcheslav V. Kafarov  – Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia
Sanda Krausz  – Technical University of Petrosani, Romania
Radmila Kučerová – VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Mária Kušnierová  – Slovac Academy of Science Košice, Slovakia
Tamara Matveyeva – Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Wladyslawa Mulak – Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland
Gülhan Özbayoğlu – Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Jorge Pérez – Instituto Politécnico Nacional, E.S.I.Q.I.E., Mexico
Mario Sanchez  – University of Concepcion, Chile
Rudolf Tomanec – Universtiy of Belgrade, Serbia
Barbara Tora  – University of Mining and Metallurgy Cracow, Poland
Edita Virčíková – Technical University of Košice, Slovakia

Organizing Committee


Prof. Ing. Peter Fečko, CSc.


Eva Bogdanová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Kateřina Cechlová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Vladimír Čablík VŠB - TU Ostrava
Veronika Facunová  VŠB - TU Ostrava
Lenka Fusová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Michal Guziurek VŠB - TU Ostrava
Iva Janáková VŠB - TU Ostrava
Eliška Kulová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Petr Langer VŠB - TU Ostrava
Monika Mádrová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Petr Malina VŠB - TU Ostrava
Nikolas Mucha VŠB - TU Ostrava
Lucie Nezvalová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Radka Wolfová VŠB - TU Ostrava
Jaroslav Závada VŠB - TU Ostrava

General information

Date and Location : The Conference will be held at VŠB-TU Ostrava, 4. 6. - 6. 6. 2009.
Language : The official languages of the conference are English, Czech and Slovak. Simultaneous translation facilities will be provided.
4 6. 2009
7:00 - 8:00  Presence
8:00  Opening of the conference
8:00 - 10:00  Presenting of papers
BASCUR O. A., SOUDEK A.: Real Time Intergration of Mining and Metallurgical Information for Efficient Use of Energy and Water, USA
YOSHIDA Y., SHIMADA H., SASAOKA T., MATSUI K., NAKAGAWA H., SAKAI Y., GOTTFRIED J.: Consumption of Coal and Utilization of Coal Ash in Japan, Japan
BUTAKOV A., KUBEYEVA L., MUZGINA V., YUGAY V.: Monitoring of Effect of New Mining Eterprises on Environment in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
CAPATINA C., SCHIOPU E. C., SIMONESCU C. M.: The Influence of the Rovinari Exploitation Quarry, District of Gorj, Romania, Over the Water Duality of the River Jiu, Romania
FEDOROVÁ E., HANČULÁK J., ŠESTINOVÁ O., BREHÚV J., ŠPALDON T.: Influence of the Nižná Slaná Plant on the Environment, Slovakia
FESZTEROVÁ M., MAJLÁT P.: Development of Air Pollution Emissions (Sulphur Dioxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides) in Nitra Region, Slovakia
GUTA A.N., DRIGA I.: The Main Aspects Concerning the Choice og Investment Location for Companies with Industrial Production Activities, Romania
GUTA A.N., DURA C.: Characteristics of Regional Developement Policy in Romania, Romania
HUSÁR J., HLOCH S., MAČEJ T., KNAPČÍKOVÁ L.: Impact of Nanoparticles on Environment, Slovakia
CHORAZY T.: Proposal of Logistic as a Part of Integrated System of Biowastes Treatment at Moravskoslezsky District, Czech Republic
KUČEROVÁ R., ALEKSA H.: Treatment of Mine Water, Czech Republic
ZECHNER M., HEVIÁNKOVÁ S., BESTOVÁ I.: The Conditioning of Mine Waters in WPP Svatava, Sokolovská uhelná, a.s., Czech Republic
BELYAEVA A. E., BELYAEVA E. L., MATLAK E. S., MOROZ O. K.: Mining Water Cleaning and Recycling as an Mechanism of Saving Recourses (as an Example Donetsk Region), Ukradne
NOWAK A. K., KOWALSKI Z., MLECZKO J.: Comparative Analysis of Influence on Natural Environment with BAT Metod of the Dumping and Thermal Utilization of Municipal Waste, Poland
ŘEHOŘ M., ŠÁLEK M., HENDRICHOVÁ M.: Geological, Pedological and Biological Survey of  Areas After Mining and The Optimalisation of a Reclamation Access to the Restoration of North Bohemian Landscape, Czech Republic
USOV A., BORODULIN V.: Problems and Solutions to Create a Comapact Electric Pulse Destruction Installations for Environment Protection Technology, Russia
VALEŠ J.: The Energy Utilization of the Industry and Agriculture Waste for the Multicomponent Mixture Fuels Production, Czech Republic
TORA B., ŻMUDA W. A., BUDZYŃ S.: Proposal of Municipal Waste Utilization as Alternative Fuel, Poland
LYČKOVÁ B., HŮDA V.: Hazardous Waste Stabilization/Solidification and Hazardous Properties of Stabilized Waste, Czech Republic
YANG F. HU Z., SHAO Y., ZHOU D., YANG W.: Research on Ecological Environment Issues and Ecological Reclamation Modes after the Closure of Open-Část Mine in China, China
BREJCHA J.: Issue of Suspended Particles in the Air near Open Pit Mines in North-West Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
BEDEKOVIĆ G., KUJUNDŽIĆ T., KORMAN T.: Impact of Hardness on Specific Crushing Energy and Product Size of Jaw Crusher, Croatia
10:00 – 10.30  Coffee break
10:30 – 12:30  Presenting of papers
KALETKA T., TORA B.: Clean Coal Technologies – Water Slim-Circuit Closure, Poland
BUTUZOVA L., SAFIN V., MARINOV S., STEFANOVA M., SHEVKOPLYAS V., JANKOWSKA A., MAKOVKY R., BUTUZOV G.: Ecological Aspects of Low-Grade Coals Processing, Ukraine ŠAŠEK P.: Building Reclamation Mixtures on the Coal Combustion Products Basis, Czech Republic
SCHMIDT P., ŠAŠEK P.: Changes of Qualitative Parameters of Building Mixtures on a Base of Combustion Products, Czech Republic
AMER A.: Desulphurization: of El-Maghara Coal Deposits, Egypt
OTNEĽCHENKO S.: Desulphurization of Coal. Ecological, Economical and Technological Aspects, Ukraine
ARAD S.: The Platform Based Knowledge in the Energetic Complex of Coal in Jiu Valley, Romania
BADULESCU C., RĂSCOLEAN I., TODERAS M., MORAR M.: Coal Ashes – Waste or Raw Material, Romania
STON P., LORENZ T.: Verification of Potential Preparation of Fuel on Black-Coal Slurry Base with Various Types of Solid Fuels, Czech Republic
BUŠINOVÁ P., PEKAŘ M.: Sorption of Organic Substances on the South Moravian Lignite, Czech Republic
ČUVANOVÁ S., LOVÁS M., JAKUBSKÝ Š., VACULÍKOVÁ L., PLEVOVÁ E.: Characterization the Brown Coal Handlová by Infrared Spectroscopy, Slovakia
FROLOV V.: Conditions of Application Flocculants in Process Dewatering on Coal Preparation Plants, Russia
HRAZDÍRA J., KOLOUŠEK D., KUSÁ H.: Composites Based on Activated Product of Coal Combustion in Fluidized-Bed Boilers, Czech Republic
KLUČÁKOVÁ M., PEKAŘ M., KUČERÍK J., BURSÁKOVÁ P., BAKAJOVÁ B.: Model Compounds for Immobilization of Heavy Metals by Humic Acids, Czech Republic
MOLDOVAN C., IONESCU C.: Comparsion between the Compounds Extracted from the Coal Tar of Domestic Foreign Coals and their Effect over the Environment, Romania
OTNEĽCHENKO S.: Desulphurization of Coal. Ecological, Economical and Technological Aspects, Ukraine
RASCOLEAN I., TROFIN A., MORAR M., MANDRESCU C.: Ways to Minimize the Production Costs in the Pit Coal Extraction, Romania
VEREŠ J., LOVÁS M., JAKABSKÝ Š.: Characterization of Blast Furnance Sludge and Removal of Zinc by Traditional Acid Extraction (TAE) and Microwave Assisted Treatment (MAT), Slovakia
STREZOV V., EVANS T.J., ZIOLKOWSKI A., SHAH P., NELSON P.F.: Efect of Reducing Temperature Conditions on Mercury Release from Coal, Australia
TORA M.: Use of Hydrocyclone in Waste Recycling, Poland
SZPONDER D., TRYBALSKI K.: Influence of Fly Ash Structure, Phase and Diversification of Chemical Composition on their Utilization Process, Poland
MICHALÍKOVÁ F., FEČKO P., OVČAŘÍ P., SISOL M., KOLESÁROVÁ M.: Research on the Properties of Black Coal Ash from Meeting Boilers, Slovakia
ZARUBOVA R., DONAT P.: Coal Combustion Products and Reach, Czech Republic
RADVANSKA A.: Efficiency Evaluation of the Electricity Generated from Combined Biomass of Chips and Sawdust, Slovakia
ZVARKOVÁ D., MIKULÍK M.: Emissions from Biomass Combustion in Small Heat Sources, Slovakia
12:30 – 13:30  Lunch
13:30 – 15:30  Presenting of papers
BADALÍKOVÁ B. HRUBÝ J., BARTLOVÁ J.: Determination of Activity of Microorganisms in Recultivation of Diesel Oil Contaminated Soils by Non-Traditional Crops, Czech Republic
BÁRTA L.: The Utilization of Composts from Sewerage Plants to Support the Biodegradation,    Czech Republic
ČURDA S., LANGER P.: The Analysis of Functioning of Facilities Designed for Biodegradable Waste Management in the Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic
HLAVOVÁ A., LADOVÁ G., LANDA I.: Use Bioconversion of Matter for Utilization of Biological Waste, Czech Republic
HORVATHOVA H., FERENCOVA M., BLASKOVA A., KADUKOVA J., MRAZIKOVA A., STOFKO M.: Effect of Immobilization on the Biosorption of Copper and Zinc, Slovakia
GALA A., SANAK-RYDLEWSKA S.: Biosorption of Pb2+ Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution Onto Plum Stones, Poland
KADUKOVÁ J., LATTOVÁ P., BLAŠKOVÁ A., MRAŽÍKOVÁ A., HORVÁTHOVÁ H., ŠTOFKO M.: Bioleaching of Alkaline Bakteria by Means of Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans Bacteria, Slovakia
KOPYTKO M.: Biodegradation Potential of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Oil Industry Contaminated Soils, Columbia
GUZIUREK M., NEZVALOVÁ L., KUČEROVÁ R., FEČKO P., PERTILE E.: Biodegradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sludge from Central Sewage Treatment Plant of Ostrava City, Czech Republic
KRAVKA M., KOUBA M.: Soil Improving Effects of Mycorrhizal Bioproducts and Slow-Relase Fertilisers in Reclamation of Anthropogenic Soils, Czech Republic
LUPTAKOVA A., MACINGOVA E., LUPTAK M.: Electron Donors for Sulphate-Reduction Bacteria, Slovakia
VOJTKOVÁ H.: Use of SOS Chromotest Bacterial Detection System to Test Waste Dump Water Mutagenity, Czech Republic
LUPTAKOVA A., LUPTAK M.: Biodeterioration of Technical Materials, Slovakia
MACINGOVA E., LUPTAKOVA A.: Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage by Selective Sequential Precipitation, Slovakia
BÁLINTOVÁ M., JUNÁKOVÁ N., KOMÁROVÁ A.: The Technological Scheme for Cooper, Iron, Aluminium and Zinc Removal from Acid Mine Drainage, Slovakia
MEHRABANI J., NOAPARAST M., MOUSAVI S. M., DEHGHAN R., GHORBANI A.: Optimalization and Evaluation of Pyrite Depressing in the Bioflotation Using Native Mesophilic Bacteria, Iran
MUÑOZ A., BEVILAQUA D., GARCIA O.: Bioleaching of Ni and Cu from Mine Wastes (Slag and Flotation Tailings), Brasil
SEZIMOVÁ H., MALACHOVÁ K., VAŠÍČKOVÁ J., SEZIMA T.: Applicability of Bioassays in Assessment of Sewage Sludge Toxicity, Czech Republic
SLAUKOVA E., MICHALKOVA E., WELWARD L.: Findings from Bioleaching of Sulfide Ores Using Mesophilous Microbial Culture, Slovakia
STEHLICKOVA L.: Phenol Biodegradation by Rhodococcus Erythropolis and Rhodococcus Jostii, Czech Republic
ŠIMONOVIČOVÁ A., LUPTÁKOVÁ A., JANOVÁ L.: Acumulation of Fe, Ca and Mg from AMD (Smolník) by Microscopic Fungi, Slovakia
ŠVÁB M., WIMMEROVÁ L., CHROMEČKA M.: Modelling of Adsorption and Biodegradation Processes in Permeable Reactive Barriers Using an Advanced Geochemical Modelling System, Czech Republic
TOLOU A. et al.: Comparison of Bioleaching Ore Copper Sulfide Low Grade of Songon Mine by Temperate Mesophile and Thermophile Bacteria, Iran
UDOVITSKIY V., FROLOV V. S., MERKUSHEVA L. N., SIDOROV A. V.: Research of the Opportunity of Application of Reagents „EKOFOL“ on the Coal Preparation Plants of Kuzbas, Russia
WAWRZAK D.: Exploitation of Microbiological Changes of Non-Organic Sulphur and Nitrogen Compounds in Environmental Biotechnology, Poland
WAWRZAK D.: Biodegradation of Selected Waste Materials Using Bacillus Licheniformis Bacteria, Poland
WIMMEROVÁ L., ŠVÁB M., STEHLÍČKOVÁ L., KRULIKOVSKÁ T., KOZLER J.: Sorption and Biofiltration of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants on Inovative Media Placed in Permeable Reactive Barriers, Czech Republic
15:30 – 16:00  Coffee break
16:00 – 18:30  Presenting of papers
ABDEL-REHIM A.: Flotation of Rosetta Zircon, Egypt
ALTUN N. E., HWANG J. Y.: Rehabilitation of a „Waste“ Duality Oil Shale through Ultrasound Assisted Flotation, Turkey
ATRAFI A. GHORBANI A. HODJATOLESLAMI H: Investigation on the Flotation of Ali-Abad Copper Ore, Iran
DEMI G., FETAHU K., KALTANI A.: Mineral Processing of Low Grade Chromium Ores Situated in North of Albania, Albania
FARROKHROUZ M., HAGHI H.: The Application of Hallimond Tube for Floatability Study of Pure Galena Froma Nakhalak Mine, Iran
JANAKOVA I., MUCHA N., FEČKO P., VOJTKOVA H.: The New Trends in Flotation, Czech Republic
KURZAC M., KALETKA T., TORA B.: Flotation as an Factor of Clean Coal Technology Program, Poland
FACUNOVÁ V.: Flotation Characteristics of High Ash Coal with Flotalex NR2 and Flotalex total Bio, Czech Republic
SUGURBEKOVA G., MATEEVA S., SUGURBEKOV Y., NURLIBAYEVA A., MURZAKASYMOVA N.: Quantum-chemical Study the Reaction Replace of Ammonia and Ethylendiamine 2, 3-Dimercaptopropanesulphonate of Sodium in Complex of the Kobalt, Russia
ABDOLLAHI M., JAVANSHIR S., ABDOLGHASEMI H.: Kinetice Model for Extraction of Gold from Chloride Solutions, Iran
DVOŘÁK P., JANDOVÁ J., VU H.: Zinnwaldite Wastes after Mining Sn-W Ores – a Promising Source of Rubidium, Czech Republic
HAGHI H., NOAPARAST M.: Application of Hot Acidit Scrubbing and Hot Agitated Leaching for Iron Removal from Shenin Silica Mine (Used in Glass Industry), Iran
FAIZULIN M.: Increasing of Metals Extraction from Ores by the Way of Control of Ore Flows from Open Casts, Kazakhstan
MIAZGA B., MULAK W. : Kinetic Study on the Leaching of a Spent Nickel Oxide catalyst with hydrochloric acid, Poland
MOOSAVI RAD S. M., SHANKARA M., MOOSAVI NASAB S.M.: Determination of Appropriate Solid Phase for Separating Yttrium from Leaching Solution of Saghand Uranium Mine in Iran, Iran
WANG S., JIANG X., WANG H., FAN Y., FENG L.: A new technology of recovery Mo from low grade wulfenite, China
SOBOLEV A. E., LUTSIK V. I., TURKOVSKAYA O. V.: Dissolution Kinetics of Calcium Carbonate in Solutions of Oxyethylidenediphosphonic Acid, Russia
SOLOZHENKIN P. M., NEHOROSHEV N. E.,  AFANASENKO S.: Combined Hydrometallurgical Processing Gold-Bearing of Ores on Joint-Stock Company „VASILEVSII Mine”, Russia
19:30  Evening party with music group „Rexton“ in VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
5. 6. 2009
8:00 – 10:00  Presenting of papers
ALGARVIO D., LIMA M. M., CUNHA M. L.: Recycled Aggregates Characterization and Magnetic Separation Efficiency Study of a Construction and Demoliton Waste Recycling Pilot Plant, Portugal
GABOR R., SEIDLEROVÁ J.: The Grinding Sludges Characterization and Examination of their Treatments for Secondary Using Possibilities, Czech Republic
LADOMERSKÝ J., NOSÁĽ E., HRONCOVÁ E.: The Model for Potential Utilizing Muds of Aluminium Oxide Production, Slovakia
STANCI A., ARAD S., STANCI A.: The Magnetofluidic Separation of Complex Ores, Romania
STOICOIU I., MATEI A., TODERAS M., MANDRESCU C.: The Magnetic Field Created by a Linear Ferromagnetic Wire, Romania
BREHUV J., ŠESTINOVÁ O., ŠPALDON T., HANČULÁK J., FEDOROVÁ E.: Influence of Some Adsorbents on the Immobilization of (Selected Heavy Metal) in the Contaminated Sediment Load from Reservoir of Water Work „Ružín I“, Slovakia
CAPATINA C., SCHIOPU E. C., SIMONESCU C. M.: The Chemical Determinations of the Urban Used Waters, Romania
FUSOVÁ L.: Lead Adsorption on Bentonite and its Modifications; Czech Republic
CHEUNG W.H., SZETO Y.S., MCKAY G.: Application of Nano-Chtiosan for the Removal of Textiles Effluent, Hong Kong
JENČÁROVÁ J., LUTPÁKOVÁ A.: Application of Biomass for the Wastewater Treatment, Slovakia
ZHOU M.: Study and Practice on Thermo-compression filtration-drying Dewatering Technology, China
ĎURĎOVÁ L.: Main Factors of Sulphate Concentration Increase in Groundwater and Wals of thein Reduction, Czech Republic
MUKHIN V.: Active Carbons Role in Ecological Problems, Russia
MYRZALIEVA S.: Isotopic Effects and Methods of Chemical Exchange System Studying, Kazakhstan
PAUNESCU F. A.: Determination of Optima Doses of Flocculant Reactives Through the Gradient Optimalization Metod for the Jiu Halley Mine Waters, Romania
KROČOVÁ Š.: Basic Possibilities of Water Ecosystem Protection Against Contingencies, Czech Republic
STEFFENS M., CECHLOVÁ K., MIKENDOVÁ B.: Use of Mine Overburden and Mine Tailings for Cleaning Lead from Mining Waters, Czech Republic
RUSH E., KOROLEVA G.: Ways of Water Quality Improvement and Protection in the Angara River Watershed, Russia
SESTINOVA O., BREHUV J., HANCULAK J., FEDOROVA E., SPALDON T.: Influence of Adsorbents on the Immobilization of Copper in the Contaminated Sediments from the Water Reservoir Ružín I, Slovakia
SKYBOVÁ T., HASAL P., PŘIBYL M.: Mathematical Modeling of a Trickle-Bed Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment, Czech Republic
STEFUSOVA K., VACLAVIKOVA M., JAKABSKY S.: Removal of Arsenic from Water Solution by Various Sorbent, Slovakia
ŠPALDON T., BREHÚV J., HANČUĽÁK J., ŠESTINOVÁ O., FEDOROVÁ E.: Waste Water Treatment of Old Mining by Selected Sorbents, Slovakia
YEFREMOVA S., SUKHARNIKOV Y., KORABAYEV A., BOUNCHOUK L.: The Sorbents from the Rice Processing Waste for Rhenium Recovery and Concentrating, Kazakhstan
ZÁPOTOCKÝ L.: Removal of Odour Compounds in a Biotrickling Filter, Czech Republic
10:00 – 10:30  Coffee break
10:30 – 12:30  Presenting of papers
ALIZADEH M.: Quality Improve of Magnetic Iron Ore Pellets witch Oxygen Injection into the Induration Machina, Iran
ANAKLI D., BEKTAS F.: Preparation of Poly (Ethyl Aniline)/Sodium Feldspar Composite Materials and Investigation of thein Properties, Turkey
BUNIN I. ZH., KHABAROVA I. A.: Effect of High-Power Electromagnetic Pulses on Technological Properties of Disseminated Copper-Nickel Ore, Russia
HANČUĽÁK J., FEDOROVÁ E., ŠESTINOVÁ O., BRŇANČIN J., ŠPALDON T.: Influence of Iron Ore Works in Nižná slaná on a Atmospheric Deposition of Heavy Metals, Slovakia
HODJATOLESLAMI H., ATRAFI A., SHAFAEI Z., NOAPARAST M.: Processing of Low Grade Lead Ores, Case Study: Changarze Mine of Natanz, Iran
LANDA I., HLÁVOVÁ I.: Water Table Management after Terminating Excraction of Polymetallic Ores in Turkan Mine, Kutná hora, Czech Republic between 1992 and 2007, Czech Republic
LOVÁS M., KOVÁČOVÁ M., DIMITRAKIS G., ČUVANOVÁ S., ZNAMENÁČKOVÁ I.: Microwave Hetaing Modeling of Sulphides, Slovakia
LOVÁS M., ČUVANOVÁ S., HREDZÁK S., ZUBRIK A.: Influence of Microwave Radiation on Petrographic Composition of Coal from Handlova Deposit, Slovakia
MICHALÍKOVÁ F., FEČKO P., OVČAŘÍ P., SISOL M., KOZÁKOVÁ I.: Properties of Unburned Coal Residues Measured by Metallographic Microscope, Slovakia
MAKAROV D. V., NESTEROV D. P., TIKHOMIROVA E. L., MENSHIKOV Y. P., BELYAEVSKI A. T., KALINNIKOV V. T.: A study of Low-Temperature Fluorination of Ore and Rock-Forming Minerals, Russia
PASETTO M., BALDO N.: Re-Use of Steel Slags in Hydraulically Bound Mixtures for Road Pavements: a Laboratory Analysis, Italy
MELECKÝ J., ČAMEK L., KOSTIUKOVÁ G.: Recycling of Ladle Slags at Steel Production and at Secondary Metalurgy, Czech Republic
PAN J., ZHU D., ZHOU X., LUO Y.: Pelletization of Copper Mill Tailings from South Africa as Blast Furnance Burden, China
RAMÍREZ-LÓPEZ A., CRUZ-RAMIREZ A., JARAMILLO-VIGUREAS D., BALMORI-RAMIREZ H.: Development of a Computational Simulator for the Continous Casting of Steel, Mexico
RAMÍREZ-LÓPEZ A., CRUZ-RAMIREZ A., JARAMILLO-VIGUREAS D., BALMORI-RAMIREZ H.: Computational Simulator of Grain Structures Obtained During Continuous Casting of Steel, Mexico
TYUSHKOVA N.: Perspective Directions of Tailings Processing in the Production of Construction Materials, Russia
12:30 – 13:30  Lunch
13:30 – 15:30  Presenting of papers
PASETTO M., BALDO N.: Laboratory Investigation of Hydraulically Bound Mixtures for Road Foundations Made with Waste Foundry Sand and Steel Slags, Italy
POCEDIČ J., GARCIA J., HASAL P., NOVOTNÝ Č.: Tricle-Bed Reactor for Decolorization of RBBR and RO16 by Irpex Lacteus, Czech Republic
REISNER J.: Residual wood in the Woodworking Industry and its Utilization, Czech Republic
SIKORA E., SEZIMA T.: Research of Reducing of Waste Dangerous Characteristic by Using Physical and Physiochemical Processes, Czech Republic
CECHLOVÁ K., ČABLÍK V., FEČKO P., MUCHA N., JANÁKOVÁ I.: Removal of Metal Cations from Industrial Waste Water by Sorption onto Bentonite and its Modification, Czech Republic
VAVRO M., TOMKOVÁ V., BOHÁČOVÁ J., BUJDOŠ D., VLČEK J.: The Usage of Wastes from Building Industry and Rock Exploitation as a High Quality Aggregate in Alkali Activated Materials, Czech Republic
VYVÁŽIL M. LEDEREROVÁ J., SVOBODA M., BIBORA P., RUBEK A.: Artificial aggregate on Base of Secondary Energetic Products Produced by Cold Way According to Purpose of Usage, Czech Republic
LANGER P., MIKENDOVÁ B., FACUNOVÁ V.: Possibility of Utilization of LD and BF Sludges from Třinecké Železárny, a.s. in Fe-Pigment Production, Czech Republic
WZOREK Z.: Investigation of Physicochemical Properties of Bone Waste Designed to Thermal Utilization in PPHU DUDA-BIS, Poland
ZHANG X., LIU S., ZHANG Y., ZHU Y.: Study of Recycling HP5 Electric Heating Mica Plate Waste, China
ZEZULOVÁ H. et al.: Utilization of Waste from Mining, Raw Materials adjustment and Industrial Production from the View of Ecological Requirements, Czech Republic
15:30 – 16:00  Coffee break
16:00 – 19:00  Presenting of papers
BARTLOVÁ J., HRUBÝ J., BADALÍKOVÁ B., HARTMAN I.: Phytoremediaton of Toxic Metal Contaminated Soils Using Non-Traditional Fodder Crops, Czech Republic
DURA C., TODERAS M., MATEI A., MANDRESCU C.: Studies About the Metaloid Structures Behaviour Used in Underground Constructions, Romania
PIERZCHAŁA Ł., SIERKA E.: Influence of Reclamation Type of Subsidence Reservoirs on Vegetation Differentiation In Surrounding Area, Poland
ŽAMPACHOVÁ D., STALMACHOVÁ B.: Plant Communities in the Initial Phases of Succession on Dumps in the Karviná District, Czech Republic
WANG P., HU Z. Q., WANG J., SU W. Y.: The Prospect of Ground Penetrating Radar Application in Land Reclamation Engineering in China, China
FARKAS F.: Plant Oil Derivates as Fuel, Hungary
GEORGIEV P. S., GROUDEV S. N.: Effect of the Treatment Method on Pollutants Leaching and Drainage’s Soil Toxicity During Bioremediation of an Alkaline Soil Polluted with Radionuclides and Heavy Metals, Bulgaria
HAJDUKOVÁ J.: Desulphation Sludge, Czech Republic
VYORAL J., HLAVATÁ M.: Utilization of Spiral Separators in the Fine-Grained Black Coal Preparation, Czech Republic
CHAMRÁDOVÁ K., RUSÍN J.: Model Verification of Anaerobi Cofermentation Processes of Beefy Spurty with Beet-Sugar Cuttings and with Brewing Commodities, Czech Republic
MALÍKOVÁ P., HAJDUKOVÁ J., NEZVALOVÁ L.: POPs Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide, Czech Republic
MÂNDRESCU C., STOICUTA O., STOICOIU I.,  DIMIAN M.: The Use the Neural Network for Prediction of the State Sizes of the Fermentation Process, Romania
MATEI A., TODERAS M., BADULESCU C., MANDRESCUC.: The Nitrates from Agricole Sources in the Vulnerable Areas ot the Hydrographical Space from the South-West of Romania, Romania
MULLEROVÁ J., HLOCH S.: Reduction of Emission Load from Transport, Slovakia
MULLEROVÁ J., HLOCH S.: Risk and Crisis Situations in the Operation Boilers for Biomass, Slovakia
POTYKOVÁ I.: No Adsorption Study for Leveling of No Concentration Fluctuations, Czech Republic
MALINA P.: Research on Metal – Vitreous Enamel Coat Phase Interface, Czech Republic
RADVANSKÁ A.: The Emission Control of Air Contaminants Produced by Tire-Derived Fuel Combustion, Slovakia
RAGAN E., KOLLÁROVÁ M.: Study of Impurities in Hydraulic Circuits, Slovakia
SEDLÁČEK P., KLUČÁKOVÁ M.: Combination of Laboratory Techniques and Computer Simulation in Modeling Pollutants´ Transport in Nature, Czech Republic
TODERAS M., TODERAS M., BADULESCU C., RASCOLEAN I., DURA C.: The Rheological Behaviour of Salt as a Heterogenoues Systems, Romania
TURIANICOVÁ E., BALÁŽ P.: A Possible Way to Storage of Carbon Dioxide by Mechanical Activation of Olivine, Slovakia
VALEŠ J., KUSÝ J., ANDĚL L., ŠAFÁŘOVÁ M.: Technological Procedure of Extraction of Terephthalic Acid by High Frequency Decomposition of Waste Polyethyleneterephthalate, Czech Republic
MORAVEC M.: Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste in Difficult Conditions of the Magadan Region, Russian Federation, Czech Republic
DVORSKÝ T., VÁCLAVÍK V. , DAXNER J.: The Recycling of Polyuretans Wastes and Influence on Environment, Czech Republic
DIODIU L., MATEI A.: Optimisation Works to Eliminate Damage and Impact on Environment, Romania

20:00  Gala ball with popular Czech singer Marcela Kralova
6. 6. 2009
9:30  Whole day trip
Bus will departure at  9:30 from the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava
- Visit of  the Mine Michal Museum
- Visit of the castle Karvina
- Dinner and party in traditional folks museum with traditional food and music
Arrival at the student’s dormitories on Sunday morning at 3 a. m.
Company reserves the right to change the programme.
Technical University areas (building's location)

Take this trams (direction „Vřesinská“)

 From Ostrava-main railway station - tram 8 - cca 40-45 min.
 From Ostrava-Svinov railway station - trams 7, 8, 17 - cca 12 min.
 From „ÚAN“ main bus station - tram 8 - cca 25 minutes

You will get out from tram on the stop called „Areál VŠB“

Other information:
VŠB- Technical University, Prof. Ing. Peter Fečko, Ph.D. – office A933b

Mailing Address

Prof. Ing. Peter Fečko, CSc.
VŠB – Technical University
Dpt. of Environmental Engineering – 546
17. listopadu 15
708 33 Ostrava Poruba
Czech Republic
Phone :  +420 59 699 3575
Fax :     +420 59 699 4041
Email :  peter.fecko@vsb.cz

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