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Zpravodaj Energie-Cités

Zpravodaj Energie-Cités

Copenhagen: gone and almost forgotten
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it´s media coverage of the aftermath of Copenhagen and climate change, disappearing rapidly into the wide blue yonder! The post mortems have finished and the patient is not merely agreed to be dead, but the whole conference is pronounced `a failure´. Add in the awkward fact that most of Europe and North America has suffered the coldest winter in decades and the entire `global warming´ community is busy explaining that `climate´ is not the same thing as `weather´. Yet again.
Source: European Energy Review

Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes the creation of the "European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy"
Energy Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs has welcomed the establishment of the European Nuclear Energy Leadership Academy (ENELA) by 6 nuclear energy companies (AREVA, Axpo AG, EnBW, E.ON Kernkraft GmbH, Urenco Limted and Vattenfall AB) which signed today the founding treaty covering the essential strategic, legal and financial aspects of the academy and held the first shareholders meeting. The academy, which will be based near Munich (Germany), aims to attract university graduates to the nuclear energy sector and train future leaders in this field.
Source: European Energy Forum

Down with fuel!
Walt Patterson - long-time "energy campaigner", author and nuclear physicist - calls for a campaign against oil, gas, coal and uranium!
Source : European Energy Review

Al Gore

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