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DG Environment News Alert Service

DG Environment News Alert Service
Disused quarries could provide valuable habitat if restored naturally
Old mining sites, such as quarries or pits, could provide refuges for endangered species, according to new research from the Czech Republic. Benefits are greater if the sites are allowed to recover naturally rather than being artificially restored with the use of topsoil, ground-levelling and seed planting. (more...)
Economic benefits from reducing mercury emissions
Large benefits can be achieved for society by reducing global emissions of mercury. Global savings of US$1.8-2.2 billion (EUR1.3-1.6 billion) can be made by reducing damage to IQ alone, according to recent research.(more...)
Recent changes in plant life cycles caused by a changing climate
Changes in the timing of biological events in plants, such as flowering, observed in recent decades are in response to ongoing climate change, according to recent research from Spain. These results can be used to improve modelling of the effects of future climate change on plants and crops in the region. (more...)
Fine particles trap more heat in atmosphere than previously thought
Fine particles in the air produced by road transport trap more radiation in the earth's atmosphere than previously estimated, and therefore may contribute more to global warming than realised, according to new research. In contrast, the impact of particles from shipping appears to reflect more radiation than previously thought, whilst the effect of particles from aviation is comparatively small. (more...)
Clarifying and measuring energy security
A new study has clarified the concept of the popular phrase 'energy security'. It suggests that measurements of energy security for a country or area should be multi-dimensional and include figures that represent fuel prices, the diversity of the energy market and political stability.(more...)
Mixed crop-livestock farming could help adaptation in Africa
According to new research, African farms with both crops and livestock could be more resilient to climate change than farms that only grow crops. The research suggests that policy makers should support farmers in making the switch to integrated farming.(more...)
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