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Hanojská univerzita geologická a báňská univerzita

Hanojská univerzita geologická a báňská univerzita

During the past 40 years, University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) has been the leading institution in Vietnam for education in geology, mining, surveying and mapping, oil and gas exploration and exploitation. Obtaining this archievement, one of the most important factors is the international and domestic cooperations and partnerships. In the past, the university has close relations with the universities and institutions in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. More than a half of the university´s academic staff had studied in these countries. Most of them pursued post graduate education and currently are professors, senior lectures and senior researchers in the university.Education system is Vietnam is in transferring period to a modernized system. Understanding the importance of the international and domestic cooperations in this reforming period, the University of Mining and Geology has recently established the cooperation with universities, institutes and research organizations in more than 30 countries and territories such as the USA, Japan, Russia, China, EU, South East Asian countries and so on. In Vietnam, the university also has cooperations with a large number of organizations and companies, especially the organizations and companies which is academically relevant to the HUMG such as PetroVietnam, Vietnam Coal and Mineral Groups, Song Da Corporation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environments, etc. These cooperations have contributed greatly to the development of our university. To obtain further approaches to the international level of education and research, the HUMG is willing to establish new relations and as well as strengthen the available cooperations in education, research and cultural exchanges.

ZDROJ: http://www.humg.edu.vn

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