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The ZERO Emissions Race is passing through Brussels - Around the world in 80 days with sustainable vehicles

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The ZERO Emissions Race is passing through Brussels - Around the world in 80 days with sustainable vehicles

Circumnavigating the globe without producing any polluting emissions? This is the challenge of this international competition which aims to promote alternative and sustainable ways of driving. On Saturday 21 August, the ZERO Emissions Race (ZR) makes a pit stop in Brussels one week after its launch, with an official welcome by European and local authorities at Autoworld, Cinquantenaire Park, from 14:30 to 18:00.

Programme of the afternoon

14:30 Press conference inside Autoworld (Mahy Room), in presence of Ms. Evelyne Huytebroeck, Brussels Minister for Environment, Energy, Urban renovation, Mr. Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for Energy (tbc), and Mr. Louis Palmer, ZERO Race director
15:30 Procession of the cars into Autoworld (photo opportunities)
16:00 ZERO Race cars made accessible to the general public for viewing + reception
18:00 End

There will be interview opportunities with authorities, pilots and organisers, as well as official audiovisual images of the event (TBC).

The ZERO Emissions Race is an 80-day competition around the world with 100% electric cars powered by renewable energy. Launched on 16 August 2010 in Geneva, the ZR will pass through 16 countries (in Europe, Asia and North America), travelling 30000 km, to end in Geneva in January 2011. The cars will stop at the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai and in Cancun, Mexico, where they will be put on show at the United Nations Climate Conference. Five teams from four continents are taking part in the race driving vehicles coming from Spain, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea and the USA. Ship travel between continents will be compensated by investments into renewable energy projects. The ZERO Emissions Race is an official partner of the European Commission´s Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign which aims to raise public awareness and promote sustainable energy production and use.

Background information
The ZERO Race is a modern adventure, propelled by renewable energies, with trend-setting technologies, organised by Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer.
Each participating team must contribute to renewable energy production from their homeland to feed into the public grid, so this energy can be withdrawn for the vehicles en route. The ZERO Race is not only about speed, but vehicles will also be judged on their reliability, energy efficiency, utility to every day life, design and safety.
The success of the ZERO Race depends on the number of people who will be inspired to take action towards a more sustainable way of life. The ZERO Race is very much about showing realistic ways towards a cleaner and greener future for the planet and its people. In 2008, Louis Palmer, winner of the European Solar Price, was the first person to drive around the world in solar powered car, and with his Solartaxi, he crossed 38 countries in 18 months and travelled 54000 km. With this project, he reached the attention of an estimated 770 million people worldwide. As a natural continuation of this successful project the idea was born to organise an emission free car race around the world with participants from all corners of the planet.

For additional information visit

ZERO Race website: www.ZERO-race.com
Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign website: www.sustenergy.org
IBGE - Brussels Environment: www.ibgebim.be
Contact person
Raffaele Ferrando
+32 2 333 59 05

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