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Niagara`s Stealth toilet saves water using vacuum-assist technology

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Niagara`s Stealth toilet saves water using vacuum-assist technology

Eco Factor: Eco-friendly toilet reduces water consumption to just 0.8 gallons.

Bid goodbye to the noisy and high water consuming toilets forever. Niagara Conservation has launched its latest toilet that looks like any other conventional toilet, but comes with a twist. Dubbed the "Stealth toilet", this toilet uses a radically new flush technology that consumes just half as much water as standard toilets. The passive "vacuum-assist" technology delivers a less noisy, effective flush that consumes just 0.8 gallons.

stealth toilet1

Unlike the pressure-assist toilets that use compressed air at the top of a sealed tank to push water through the flush valve at a high velocity, the vacuum-assist Stealth toilet pulls the contents of the toilet bowl down the trapway from below. The Stealth toilet´s innovative features have helped it in earning the EPA WaterSense label for high-efficiency toilets. Successfully passed all IAPMO requirements, this ingenious design pushes waste 40 feet along the drainline on being flushed.

stealth toilet2

Formally launched at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show last year, the Stealth toilet works by using vacuum-assist technology, wherein the water exiting the inner chamber when flushed creates a vacuum that depressurizes the trapway. This depressurization creates a suction force that pulls water from the toilet bowl into the trapway. The round-front model of the Stealth toilet will cost you $310, while the elongated front model will set you back by $325.


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