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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Global human well-being possible at low levels of energy and carbon
High levels of energy consumption and carbon emissions are not necessary for high standards of living, according to a new study. In recent decades, the same human needs have been met with ever decreasing energy and carbon levels, achieving a steady decoupling of human development from energy use and carbon emissions. Download article (PDF)

Public priorities for conservation revealed in European survey
Conservation efforts should focus on species that have recently declined in number, are harmless or are perceived as high value, according to a European public survey. Participants also felt that disappearing habitats should be targeted for protection. The results suggest that, by choosing different criteria that more closely match the public's values and criteria, conservationists could improve public support for their work. Download article (PDF)

Options for managing the variability of wind power explored
As wind power becomes more important in the energy mix, so too does the need to manage its variability. A new study has reviewed the options and indicates that, although state-of-the art technologies exist to maximise gains from wind power, they need proper and insightful management. Download article (PDF)

Do climate change threats de-motivate us to protect the environment?
The threat of possible death from climate change may paradoxically reduce our motivation to protect the environment, according to a new psychology study conducted in Germany. However, this negative impact on the environment could be reduced if people's environmental motivations stemmed from a desire to benefit humans rather than a desire to protect nature itself. Download article (PDF)

Fuel economy not the only influence on fuel consumption
Vehicle fuel economy has markedly improved, but there are other factors that influence fuel consumption and transport emissions, according to new research on the EU, USA and Japan. Changes in vehicle size and power also play a role indicating that, if fuel prices do not keep rising, policy focus may need to shift to managing vehicle use. Download article (PDF)

Sustainability assessment of different nuclear fuel cycle scenarios
A recent study has assessed the sustainability of different nuclear cycle scenarios in Europe, and suggests trade-offs are required between reducing the amount of uranium fuel needed, costs and proliferation risks. Download article (PDF)
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