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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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CSR for water: progress towards sustainability
Access to water is often described as a basic human right, so rights violations may be committed where corporate activities interfere with individuals' access to water. Water supply is generally the responsibility of government, but recent Dutch research has suggested that corporate social responsibility (CSR) can have a significant impact on the sustainability of freshwater supply in countries with weak governance regimes. Download article (PDF)

Sustainability programmes: eclectic toolboxes or clear roadmaps?
Sustainable consumption and production (SCP) programmes are frameworks to systemically develop sustainability. New research has analysed three national SCP programmes in the UK, Sweden and Finland and concluded that, rather than provide a strong roadmap for sustainability, they tend to be a toolbox of good but scattered initiatives. Download article (PDF)
A new tool to help predict species invasiveness
There is a common assumption that plant species are more inclined to thrive in a non-native community than a native one, sometimes becoming 'invasive'. However, this behaviour is likely to be quite unusual and invasive alien plants are actually an important exception, according to a new study. Much can be learned from the population of a species 'at home' and should be included in official assessment criteria. Download article (PDF)

Cities tackling climate change: a new strategy for mitigation
Cities are key players in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A new World Bank study has proposed a three-stage plan for mitigating climate change at a local level. Its recommendations include improving urban infrastructure and encouraging lifestyle change, but most importantly, clarity in the way urban GHG inventories are calculated. Download article (PDF)

Effective ICZM strategy identified for harbour dredging
Removing sediment from harbour beds to allow ships to enter can significantly accelerate coastal erosion, the gradual wearing away of land by the sea. A new study highlights this damage and identifies a compensation strategy used in an Italian harbour to mitigate coastal erosion as a good example of effective Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). Download article (PDF)

Flame retardants found in groundwater
Organophosphates (OPs) used to protect materials from fire and in other industrial processes have affected the quality of groundwater, particularly in urban areas and near landfill sites, according to recent research. Download article (PDF)
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