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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Biodiversity loss: prevention is cheaper than cure
A proactive approach to biodiversity loss - where conservation of a species starts before it becomes endangered - could save millions of euros compared to the cost of recovering a population already in serious decline, according to new research. Download article (PDF)

New models to assess developmental toxicity for REACH
In line with EU legislative requirements, new research has developed models to assess the toxicity of chemicals in terms of their effects on human development. One of the models has been made freely accessible online, so that it is easy to use for industry and regulators. Download article (PDF)

Pesticides: possible link to male infertility
Many agricultural pesticides used in Europe could disrupt male hormones and lead to infertility problems, according to laboratory tests. `Biomonitoring´ studies to investigate the actual behaviour of pesticides in the human body are now urgently needed to clarify the link between pesticide exposure and male reproductive health. Download article (PDF)

Three-quarters of world´s energy supply could be renewable by 2050
Renewable technologies could supply 77 per cent of the world demand for energy by 2050, according to a report recently published by the IPCC. However, strong and flexible national and international policies are needed to stimulate investment and encourage accelerated use of renewable energy. The most pessimistic scenarios see the renewables share remaining almost static until mid-century. Download article (PDF)

Fragmented pine woodland boosts Mediterranean biodiversity
Scientists have proposed new recommendations to increase the species diversity and sustainability of Mediterranean forests, since programmes to enhance reforestation by planting vast areas of pine trees have not been as successful as planned. Download article (PDF)

Energy policy should consider health implications
New research has investigated the complex relationship between energy consumption and public health, by analysing historical data from around the world. It indicates that electricity does not provide additional health benefits for countries with low levels of infant mortality, and that increased coal consumption has negative health impacts. Download article (PDF)
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