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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Rising gold prices drive Peruvian deforestation and mercury imports
Record high prices for gold have driven a recent six-fold increase in deforestation in parts of the Peruvian Amazon with damage that can be measured from space, according to a new study. Rates of forest clearance and imports of mercury, used to process gold ore by local, small-scale miners, were both found to increase with the rising international price of gold. Download article (PDF)

Predicting the spread of the tiger mosquito in Europe
Researchers have identified areas of Italy that have a climate capable of sustaining a population of tiger mosquitoes, an invasive mosquito species that can carry several human diseases. The findings also indicate how these areas will expand as the climate changes in future. Download article (PDF)

Ensuring life cycle assessment becomes life cycle management
Although life cycle assessment (LCA) is a widely accepted method for supporting decision-making, it can face difficulties when being translated into practical life cycle management. A recent case study on local waste management has led to the development of several principles to ensure that LCAs are understandable and applicable. Download article (PDF)

Assessing eutrophication for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
The importance of addressing eutrophication to improve the ecological health of coastal and marine waters has been identified in the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive1. A new study discusses possible methods for assessing and monitoring eutrophication, including which indicators to monitor. Download article (PDF)

`Agroecology´ could be the key to food security
Sustainable food production in developing countries can be achieved through `agroecology´ - where farming practices mimic nature rather than relying on external products, such as fertilisers and pesticides. This is according to a recent report, which claims that conventional farming does little to alleviate rural poverty and ecosystem degradation. Download article (PDF)

A simple model of urban air pollution
Traffic fumes can cause serious health problems, but their distribution and spread in complex urban environments can be hard to predict. Now, researchers have created the `STEMS-Air dispersion model´, which can be used by planners and health authorities to give accurate daily and annual estimates of exposure to traffic fumes and other forms of air pollution in cities. Download article (PDF)
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