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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Traffic noise causes loss of over one million healthy life years
A new World Health Organisation (WHO) study has estimated that the health impact of environmental noise in western Europe could be up to 1.6 million healthy life years lost annually through ill health, disability or early death.(more...) Download article (PDF)

Cognitive impairment caused by aircraft noise: school versus home
A recent study suggests that exposure to aircraft noise during the day has a greater impact on cognitive ability in children than sleep-disruption caused by exposure to aircraft noise during the night. Protective policy is therefore likely to be most effective if focused at the school level.(more...) Download article (PDF)

Noise maps suggest too many people exposed to damaging noise levels
Nearly 85% of residents in central Dublin, Ireland, could be exposed to damaging levels of night-time traffic noise, according to a recent study. The researchers explain how they assessed population exposure to noise and calculate the impacts of several noise reduction measures, providing information that could help EU Member States meet the Environmental Noise Directive's requirements.(more...) Download article (PDF)

Is the public really becoming more annoyed by aircraft noise?
Surveys have suggested that the public have become more annoyed by aircraft noise over recent decades. A recent study has investigated whether these results are partly caused by changes in survey methods and participants. However, no methodological issues considered could satisfactorily explain the rise in reported levels of annoyance at a given noise exposure level.(more...) Download article (PDF)

Quiet road surfaces may have financial as well as acoustic benefits
A recent report has reviewed research on the effectiveness of low-noise road surfaces, taking into account acoustic performance, safety, skidding resistance and cost. It concludes they could have substantial acoustic and financial benefits, but their durability and safety must be taken into account. (more...) Download article (PDF)

Combined traffic management and physical measures reduce noise
New research in Spain has explored solutions to reducing traffic noise, and suggests that the best option is to combine global measures, such as speed restrictions, and local measures, such as noise screens. (more...) Download article (PDF)
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