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Shortly about the geology of the Republic of Colombia

Shortly about the geology of the Republic of Colombia

  • The geology of Colombia consists of five (5) lithographical provinces.
  • Three of theses provinces are of oceanic origin, in the centre and east of the country, and two of continental origin, in the centre and west of the country.
  • The Pre-Cambrian and Paleozoic metamorphic continental basement have been host to various intrusive events which have given origin to important vein and disseminated gold mineralisation.
  • Colombia has two prospective geotectonic and metal-genetic environments - el Guyana Shield and the Andean system - in which exist a high probability of encountering world class deposits.
  • The Andean system (related to the Pacific Rim), extends from Argentina to Colombia, where it splits into three ranges. The two most important ranges, metal-gentically, are the Western and Central ranges of the Andes.


Geological map:


More on: http://en.vionto.com/show/me/Geology+of+Colombia

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