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Greece - lake Pamvotida a dump site?

Greece - lake Pamvotida a dump site?

Pamvotida, Europe's second-oldest lake, a dumping site

By L.Giannarou

Few would dispute the ecological importance of Pamvotida, the biggest lake in the Epirus region and one of Europe´s oldest, yet this body of water next to the city of Ioannina is treated as little more than a watery dumping ground. Much is said about the sad state of this 5-million-year-old lake, but little is done to relieve the pressure of residential development and prevent urban and industrial waste from polluting its waters, not to mention put a stop to the foot-dragging of the authorities, and so its rare ecosystem continues to deteriorate.

According to environmental activists in the area, Pamvotida is where much of the waste from the city of Ioannina and the surrounding villages -- many of which are still not connected to the sewerage system -- ends up.

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