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Odpadové hospodářství v Ljubljaně (Ljubljana waste management)

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Odpadové hospodářství v Ljubljaně (Ljubljana waste management)

Public company Snaga has been cleaning Ljubljana and its surrounding municipalities for more than eighty years. Besides the collection, removal and disposal of all types of waste, it also cleans public areas, provides the placarding service, takes care of public restrooms and provides many other services.

The beginnings of the company Snaga reach back to the First World War when the then Municipal Council of Ljubljana founded the company Mestne vožnje. Due to its headquarters at Povšetova ulica, the company was soon named "Mestna pristava" (or even "Mestna priprega") and the basic purpose of its foundation was the provision of transport services for the companies in Ljubljana. Besides transport services which were provided at that time by private operators and were rather expensive, Mestna vožnja also provided other services to the companies and municipal offices, such as waste removal, sprinkling of macadam roads and ploughing. The company could soon boast a large number of horses and carriages and constructed its own workshops - blacksmith´s, cartwright´s, saddler´s and garage.

The company´s development was always closely connected with the needs of the city to which its new activity was also adapted. Besides the collection and disposal of waste, the activity was further expanded to the cleaning of public areas, maintenance of public restrooms and farming land management.

The economic and political situation in the city and the broader area was the reason for the change in the company´s status and activity. It first changed its name from Mestne vožnje to TOZD Javna higiena which operated in the scope of Komunalno podjetje Ljubljana (KPL) and in 1990, KPL changed its name to Javno podjetje Snaga. In 1994, the City of Ljubljana founded Holding mesta Ljubljana, a company for the management of public companies. today, Snaga is part of the holding by means of which the City of Ljubljana wishes to provide efficient mandatory public utility services in the capital. the increasing standards and urbanisation of settlements, the volume of produced waste is also increasing. Developed countries produce more than 600 kg of waste per capita annually. Our households are not reaching this volume yet but, unlike the most environmentally aware countries, we do not separate most of the waste. The company Snaga has adopted a comprehensive and responsible approach to the resolving of waste management problem and the guideline for its operation is quality which guarantees satisfied clients and cleaner environment.

The company Snaga provides a series of services for the citizens of the Municipality of Ljubljana and the suburban municipalities, including the collection, removal and disposal of municipal waste, cleaning of public areas, restrooms management, placarding and overhaul.

The Slovenian economy "produces" over 600,000 tons of waste each year, while the quantity produced annually in the European Union comprises two billion tons of waste. Although the quantity of waste in developed nations is still growing, the attitude towards waste is changing. Waste is namely no longer garbage, belonging to landfills, but today represents potential for reuse and recycling or at least energy recovery.

Everybody can participate in waste recycling process by joining our big family dedicated to separate collection. Thus, only wastes that cannot be recycled or reused will end up at landfill. This is also stipulated by EU legislation also stipulates this, which requires the EU Member States to decrease the amount of wastes disposed of at landfills each year.

Snaga enables the separate collection of:

  • paper and cardboard, glass and packaging (kerbside collection),
  • biowaste (brown containers door-to-door),
  • bulky waste (door-to-door or collection centre),
  • hazardous waste (mobile container or collection centre),
  • waste electrical and electronic equipment (collection centre),
  • residual waste (black or grey containers door-to-door),
  • special waste (collection centre).
  • More on:http://www.jhl.si/en/snaga/separate-waste-collection

ZDROJ: Javni Hloding Ljubljana

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