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Articles from Science for Environment Policy

Articles from Science for Environment Policy

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Strategy for wetland restoration/creation in agricultural landscapes
New research has outlined a four-step approach to multipurpose wetland creation or restoration: clarifying the objectives, defining the scale and analysing possible conflicts, before finally defining a strategy. Download article (PDF)
Blocking drainage ditches aids peatland restoration
A recent study suggests that blocking ditches originally dug in peatlands to drain water is an effective restoration method, but is influenced by local conditions. Restoration efforts should therefore be monitored over long periods of time at the landscape level to fully evaluate their impacts. Download article (PDF)
What factors affect runoff from agricultural land?
A review of research into surface water runoff from agricultural land has found that less intensive management leads to more predictable runoff generation over the course of a year. The review also identified several gaps in our understanding, which need to be better represented in hydrological models if the environmental impact of runoff is to be reduced. Download article (PDF)
Forests: A positive force for global water availability
A recent study suggests that, since forests play a significant role in the regional and global supply of water vapour in the atmosphere, they should be thought of as global public goods and not viewed negatively in terms of water consumption. Download article (PDF)
Soil properties are key factor in flood prevention
Soil conditions play a crucial role in determining water runoff and retention in forested sites, according to new research. Soil characteristics, such as compaction, play a greater role than forest type in determining water dynamics. Download article (PDF)
Decentralised Flood Protection: key step to natural flood management
Scientists have modelled the potential benefits of decentralised flood protection (DFP) in Central Europe and conclude that it could be a significant step towards natural flood management in the EU. Download article (PDF)
Overcoming the challenges of SUDS design
New research into how landscape architects approach the retrofitting of urban areas with sustainable urban drainage systems to manage stormwater has identified 11 main challenges. Importantly, the study also discusses solutions for how to overcome them. Download article (PDF)
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