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Bombardier Primove - bezdrátové napájení dopravních systémů

Bombardier Primove - bezdrátové napájení dopravních systémů

Our groundbreaking PRIMOVE eMobility solution offers diverse ways of wirelessly charging all types of electric rail and road vehicles. This includes trams, buses, cars and trucks.

eMobility unplugged

Based on inductive power transfer, PRIMOVE eliminates the constraints of cables, wires and plugs, making urban transport more flexible and convenient than ever before. Our unique intermodal technology powers vehicles whether they´re moving (dynamic charging) or stopped (static charging).

With the PRIMOVE system, mass transit networks, fleet operators and car owners can benefit from e-powered mobility without the range and recharging issues usually associated with electric charging.

Sustainable commuting for greener cities

Our PRIMOVE solution empowers cities to address tough CO2 emission targets and cope with growing urban mobility-related challenges. This sustainable commuting solution is the key to quieter, cleaner and more attractive cities.

Why choose PRIMOVE wireless charging technology

  • Invisible
  • Clean and quiet
  • No recharging constraints
  • Competitive
  • Convenient and safe
  • A smaller, lighter system
  • Reliable under all conditions
  • Easy integration
  • Flexible and reliable

Find out how PRIMOVE unleashes the true potential of eMobility at


PRIMOVE: the eMobility revolution

Imagine a city where all vehicles are electric-quiet and emission free.

Imagine cities where mass transit vehicles blend seamlessly into the landscape-no catenaries or wires-leaving the city, its landmarks and heritage sites intact.

Imagine electric vehicles that don´t need to be plugged in to recharge and don´t negatively impact your driving habits or travelling time.

This is the power of our game-changing PRIMOVE eMobility solution

More on:http://www.bombardier.com/files/en/supporting_docs/BT-ECO4-PRIMOVE.pdf

ZDROJ: http://bombardier.com

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