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Algiers: Drinking water available 24 hours a day

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Algiers: Drinking water available 24 hours a day

Algiers: drinking water available 24 hours a day

The challenge was sizable. With its 3.2 million inhabitants, the city of Algiers sought a programme that could supply it with water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as an efficient wastewater treatment system. Mission accomplished thanks to the Algiers H24 programme run jointly since 2006 by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and the Algerian authorities. Balance sheet 5 years after.

In Algiers in 2006, the joint diagnosis made with the National Wastewater Treatment Office (ONA, in its French acronym) and the Algerian water company, Algérienne des Eaux (ADE), led to the formulation of an ambitious action plan aimed at modernizing systems and re-establishing continuous water distribution over a five-year period. The decision was also taken to bring together the water and wastewater treatment services of the Wilaya of Algiers (territorial government authority of Algiers covering 57 municipalities) in a common structure, and to entrust the management to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

Water distribution and quality control

Signed in 2006 for five years by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENTand its partners, the Algiers H24 plan that sprang from this alliance set itself four major objectives:

o re-establish 24-hour-a-day quality water distribution,
o reinforce the handling and operation of wastewater treatment systems,
o bring water and wastewater treatment buildings and facilities back to satisfactory condition and manage them on a permanent basis,
o establish modern, effective customer management to improve customer satisfaction.

Visible results for the people of Algiers

To accomplish this, modern, innovative tools such as computer control of the water network to monitor leaks or electronic meter reading were deployed. As a result, the situation has clearly improved in Algiers today:

o 100% of the water distributed is drinkable and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, compared with 8% in 2006.
o 130,000 leaks have been repaired
o more than 300,000 water meters have been installed
o more than 500,000 telephone calls have been handled, and today all leaks are repaired within a maximum of five days.
o 280,000 cubic metres of polluted water are now treated per day, compared with 80,000 in 2006.
o 64 of Algiers´ 72 beaches were approved for bathing during the summer of 2011, in contrast with 39 in 2006.
o 53% of the population of the Wilaya of Algiers is now connected to a wastewater treatment service as opposed to 6% in 2006; the objective is to reach 70% by 2012.
o 50,000 days of training have been given, and today 70% of the trainers are Algerians.

2011 - 2016: new opportunities

Fortified by these results, ADE, ONA and SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT have just renewed the Algiers management contract for a five-year term to continue the water and wastewater treatment services modernization programme initiated to benefit the Greater Algiers area at the beginning of 2000. This contract also provides for the extension of the modernization of water and wastewater treatment services to the Wilaya of Tipaza, located west of Algiers, to provide 24-hours-a-day access to drinking water to the 28 municipalities and 600,000 inhabitants of Tipaza.

Ultimately, SEAAL will also manage the Taksebt drinking water production plant in Kabylia. This unit has a production capacity of 605,000 m3/day and will enable the Greater Algiers water resources to be brought under control. SEAAL will thus become a world reference among urban water services, with the management of more than one million m3/day of surface water treatment.
For their part, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT experts will continue to support this effort and transfer their know-how so that SEAAL can acquire comprehensive expertise by the time the contract ends. A profitable outcome for all involved.

ZDROJ: http://www.emag.suez-environnement.com/, kráceno

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